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Ukraine leaves Euro with no points and no goals

Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 22.06.2016 at 05:31

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In the last group stage match of Euro 2016 against Poland, Ukraine again lost, and not scoring in the tournament a single goal.

Mykhailo Fomenko still used the squad rotation. From the first minute the head coach entrusted a place in structure to the Coachman, Butko and Rotan, who did not play at the Euros a minute. Also a striker in the centre appeared Zinchenko, and Zozulya replaced Selezneva on the cutting edge, compared to the previous match.It is also worth noting that Butko operated on the left flank of defense

a Few words on the composition. First, the rotation itself is already nice, because it was possible to expect anything, for example, the same composition as in the first or second match, but common sense still won.On the other hand, disappointed that his chance had not received even greater number of players who deserve it, at least given how against Northern Ireland was played by the so-called leaders, is indispensable for Fomenko performers.

the Poles also came out non-core composition: Piszczek, Grosicki, Monchinski predictable left on the bench because of the threat to earn a suspension for the next match. Błaszczykowski is the only one who rested for some other reasons. In addition to these four, the rest of the lineup of the poles was the best to date.

the fourth minute of the red and white were able to score twice: first, on the shock position was Milik, a minute later, Lewandowski had to score once in front of Pyatov in the center, but a top striker frankly forgave us, breaking above eight metres. After another minute, Lewandowski went one on one with Pyatov, but the linesman wrongly signalled for offside. In General, for our start was just hell. The only joy is not missed though. But on the game it was clear who the master of the situation. The poles high pressure the Ukrainians in their own half, and they well at it. Our was trying to build the game through the flanks. But the team of Adam Nawalka was ready.

Our first time happened in the tenth minute, but Pazdan at the last moment blocked the kick Zozulya from ten yards. The rebound Yarmolenko was also blocked. In these minutes the Ukrainians leveled the game and often controlled the ball in the opponent's half of the field.On 17 minute logically there is a crack at: rotan perfect transfer of Andriy Yarmolenko, one-on-one with Fabian. But Andrew at the moment of impact so twisted foot, which was hit a few meters away from the far post. Here it is, the skill. Speaking of which, a minute before Jędrzejczyk in his penalty firmly met Yarmolenko. The arbitrator had reason to call penalties, but he decided otherwise.

In the middle of the half, it became clear that our team has a notable advantage. We controlled the ball better, played more in the opponent's half of the field. The poles after a cool start went back and bet on the counterattack.However, Ukraine played very confidently and did not let the poles chance to go to the offensive. The first half eventually ended in a goalless draw, but the team's game pleasing to the eye.

Seeing that in the attack at his players not out of nothing, Adam Nawalka in the second half issued on the flank instead of błaszczykowski Zielinski. And already at the start of the second 45-minute after a corner cube appeared on a shock position in the penalty area and left-footed into the far top corner of the net – no chance for our goalkeeper. Two minutes later he himself did the Cabbage, but our goalkeeper beat the pole, driving him to break past. Did our team go?

As subsequent events showed on the field, no. Midway through the first half the ball possession was in our favor: 62 to 38 percent. We continued to attack and escalate the situation near the opponent's goal. But scoring chances were not. However, it was not the endless and useless rolling the ball in their half, no. We really attacked,and the game proceeded mainly on the half of the field poles. However, the real time to score again created poles – Milik struck head on by after a standard close.

Sorry, but no help to the team is not forthcoming from the coaching staff. Substitutions that would enhance the game, and was not. And the output Kovalenko is the most active on the field Zinchenko looked like a mockery.

At the 83rd minute rotan shot from 19 meters right into the corner, but Fabian rescued his team. After the chances of our team was not. We haven't scored on this Euro. Just as in the selection of Slovakia and Spain – two participants of the Euro.

Separately on Ruslan Rotana. To keep such a player on the bench is a crime. In midfield he knows literally everything, and even at this level, at 34, stood out against all the players on the field.

PS: special thanks to Fomenko for the replacement in the 92nd minute: Tymoshchuk came on for Zozulya. The nose is the only striker. Although it was possible to change someone from the Central halfbacks: Stepanenko or rotan. Plus, we still have one unused substitute. The coach was able to release some of the players who have not played at the Euros. But...

good-bye, Mikhail Ivanovich.