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Back massage

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Now that you already know the basics of massage techniques, the best part of the body for its practice will be relatively strong and rigid back muscles. While you have not stuffed a hand in this business, you can hone your new skill on the back before moving on to other more sensitive parts of the body such as the head and foot.

For centuries back massage helped the lovers to find each other. From India to Japan and to the brothels of the Wild West it was considered that the stress, which inevitably is formed in the back muscles, soothes and excites at the same time. There are a lot of different types of massage manipulations, which allow you to stretch the seal in the back, to maintain health and enhance its overall level. It is also a great way to make contact with your partner and get the "plus" sign in the basket of good deeds for your lover.

With "agility" of the bear, many of us undertake the massage, not knowing what's at stake. A good massage, unlike any pinching, tingling and poking can allow your loved one to relax. Below you will find tips that will help you look and feel like a certified a massage therapist in pleasure. So grab a notebook, a pen and get ready to learn useful information.

the Effect of a back massage

If you need some encouragement to do it yourself, or ask someone to do you a massage, then you can stop reading here. Maybe offer to make someone a massage is a good technique of a pickup truck, but still result from a regular massage has a cumulative character, and introducing it into your monthly schedule (whether it's a professional massage or one that makes a partner) will give the best results. With the help of regular massage can strengthen and give tone the whole body, and thus prevent unwanted stretching and damage which otherwise may occur due to excessive stress on the back. Massage can stimulate or calm the nervous system and, accordingly, helps reduce fatigue by replenishing the body with energy. At its best, massage has the ability to restore a person both physically and mentally.

the Main types of massage

As we try to prepare you to learn the best possible techniques of massage, it is likely to start is to determine what his view is you want to do. Below you will find four main types of massage with the appropriate effect from each. Once you determine which kind is closest to you, you can decide which of our proposed techniques apply.

Swedish massage

Masseurs-physiotherapists Swedish massage uses five basic techniques that anyone can learn and apply on yourself and on others. They are: effleurage; petrissage (muscles are lightly trapped and lifted); friction (using the thumbs and fingertips are made a circular motion deep in the most tight areas of muscles); tapping (knocking the edge of his hand, strong and light beats); concussion (fingers are pressed against or snug against the muscles, after which this part of the body is shaken rapidly for a few seconds).

deep tissue Massage

deep tissue Massage aims to release chronic tension in muscles located far below the surface of your body. For example, on the back there are five layers of muscle, and if because Swedish massage can knead the first two layers, then the rest will remain unaffected. Technique of deep tissue massage typically involves slow strokes, direct pressure or friction across the muscle fibers. A massage therapist uses his fingers and even elbows to apply the necessary pressure.

Sports massage

Sports massage aims to increase the physical capabilities of the person, whether or world champion athlete-Amateur. The technique of this massage is similar to the method of Swedish massage and deep tissue massage, but it was adapted to fit the special needs of athletes. The emphasis is on lower back and shoulders. Using heat and kneading of muscles can be corrected and reduce the risk of damage.

the neuromuscular massage

, neuromuscular massage is a form of deep tissue massage applied to individual muscles. It is made with the purpose of increasing blood flow, relieving pain and nervous tension, caused by damage to muscles or other soft tissues. Neuromuscular massage also helps to deal with trigger points; due to the tight seals tight muscles pain can also "give back" to other parts of the body. Kneading trigger points, for example, in the back can help to ease pain in the shoulder or get rid of headaches.

the Secrets of back massage

Before you begin to practice, remember that a back massage usually involves mussirovanie three groups of muscles. Successful one is exactly the massage that affects all three groups.

• Elongated muscle located parallel to the spine.

• a Group of flat muscles on the upper and lower back.

• a Broad band of muscles stretching from the spine to the sides of the back.

to Begin the back massage with the usual circular motions, affecting all these areas back and just continuously stroking her. While this should not be too much pressure on the muscles.

the Circular stroking

To start straighten the hands and place them on the base of the spine, the fingers should be directed upwards. Slide the hands along the spine towards the head. When he reached the neck, expand the hands so that the fingers massaged the surface of the shoulders, then go down below the sides of the back. Having thus hands on the sides down, expand the hands to the starting position. To make it clearer, imagine that the back is a butterfly, and the spine – her body; you need both hands along the ridge and at the base of the neck separate the hands and slide "wings" back to the base of the body of the butterfly". Repeat this circular motion about 10 times.

the Pressure on the back

pressure on the back is the most dramatic massage appointment available. Massage involves the kneading of muscle tissue, and not a correction of the structure of the back or chiropractor – remember that putting pressure on the back. Not forgetting about it, you first need to find the muscular tubercles, which lie along the spine. Since massage is an arm movement to muscle tissue, it is on these ledges and need to focus.

putting pressure on your back, start with the base of the spine. Push the inner part of the palm of both hands and stroke along the raised bumps of muscles from the base of the spine and to the shoulder blades.

unlike the circular stroking, not need to slide her hands back on the sides of the back. Making, this massage method, return hands to the starting position along the same path as if you were mowing the lawn. You will realize that this movement is impossible to have successful when your partner starts to moan from pleasure. Worth doing at least 10 repetitions.

Variation: instead of the inner part of the palm of your hand make small circular movements with your thumbs, holding them up along the spine; lightly scratch the back when you return to the starting position. In General, use your imagination!

the Massaging fingers along the ridge

With the fingertips knead two strips of elongated muscle located directly on both sides of the spine. Our spinal muscles are very hard to keep the torso upright, and sometimes they are the only support for our (more benign) stomach. In the future, expect that you will be able to massage each vertebra. For this technique, it is best to do two or more repeat up and down.

the Compression back

This massaging action also focuses on the muscles near the spine. Attach the inside of the palm for all those elongated muscles located along the back. Pressure down. Relax your hand and gently run it up the ridge. Repeat this movement three or more times in an upward direction along the spine. It can also be done with two hands: first the right edge of the ridge, then to the left.

the Kneading back

Massage the muscles of the upper and lower back. Pressure on the bone in any way will not affect your partner. Try to find muscle tissue and massage the area. The result is certainly worth the effort.


with your thumbs apply pressure to the curves of the body and muscles. Hands should slowly move apart in opposite directions, as if "cutting" the body with your thumbs. During this you can also make circular movements with your fingers.

the shoulder Massage

Place one hand on the shoulder of your partner and gently pull it up a couple of inches. This can be done by just having your hand under the shoulder. Other hand to feel where the muscle runs across your upper back. Massaging the muscle tissue that follows the shape of the blades, will bring amazing feeling.

This massaging motion is pretty hard to do correctly, but your partner will definitely tell you when everything will work out. If you still can not go out, let your partner try to do it. If he/she will find the same point then you will understand why this technique is so special.

Massaging neck

the muscle located at the back of the neck, shaped like a diamond. Muscles that extend up the neck, rather thick and respond well to kneading with the thumbs. The muscles that go down to the spine are thinner and they should massage the inner side of the palm. Applying alternately the thumbs, palms, you will look like a professional, and the massage certainly will not bring discomfort to your partner.

On this part of the body can be delayed for a while, making small movements toward the side of the neck. Try not to touch the hair of your partner.

Obvalivanie and kneading of the shoulders,

, depending on full of your partner's shoulders or lean, your movements have to be assertive or gentle. Massage them slowly and produmyvayte muscle tissue around the bones of the shoulders and neck. Clasp your fingers the edge of the shoulders and feel the muscles. Hug the inner part of the palm to the dorsal side of the muscle tissue while your fingers massage her front.

the Warming up of the back

In this step, you can end a massage or go to the front of the body. Using the following you can smoothly make this transition. Breathe on your hands to become slightly damp. Put your hands together intensely RUB them together until they become hot. Repeat this several times, gradually putting his hands to the back of a partner, and sinking lower. This will relax and excite him.


to Finish the massage, you can easy combing. This is done with a gentle touch of the fingertips across the back, which was promassiruyte. Since the muscles this part of body are almost always in good shape, this movement will give a very sensual feeling.

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