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Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 24.06.2016 at 08:44

Webcams of cities of Ukraine, popular news feeds, video and news articles.

It would Seem, for more than two years and you can get used. But no rational mind can conceive, no matter how much time has passed.

first, as can sitting in total poverty and unemployment to talk about the fact that the neighbors are "on the verge of collapse", they have hunger and devastation?

to Rejoice, as children with developmental delays, ripped out of context the phrase "no Money" (implying that there is no money for an unscheduled increase of pensions across the country, but who cares?). Though actually it is in Ukraine, no money, not for the repair of armored vehicles or for the production of shells (thankfully), nor salaries and pensions.

It is in Ukraine, the striking workers of the Kharkov tractor (HTZ), which a few months are not paid wages. It is in Ukraine, the deficit of the Pension Fund 60%, and it is unclear what will pay the pension in June and beyond. And I want to say rest adequately Ukrainians "You stay there". But, to be honest, the best advice is "Run until late. The damn place".

Because even if the money somehow-miraculously-you need to be realistic, they will not be spent on the development of the economy and not the people, and the Nazi battalions and the completion of the offshore oligarchy.

I understand that sometimes you want to draw "Peremoga", but repetition of the word "halvah" in a mouth does not become sweeter. Then this morning one of Kiev "the economist" tried to prove that although the real GDP in Ukraine fell, but nominal increased. Wanted Peremogi that confused multiplication with division places in vocational schools are not taught what to do with the deflator) and the result was "growth". Typical stabular.

secondly, as can nowadays be carried out on stories about the devastation in Russia, empty beaches of the Crimea or empty store shelves? I understand that the majority of Ukrainians can not afford to travel to another country.

But there is the Internet, most writing such nonsense do it in it. There are panoramic images on Yandex-maps is a web camera with the online broadcasts directly from the beaches, there are online stores where you can see the range and prices, it is possible to see the number of passengers flying to the Crimea and so on. You can, after all, to ask friends.

Opportunities to receive objective information mass. But a lot of people do not just want to know the truth in every way they hide from it and avoid. And anyone who tells them the truth, considered "the enemy".

third, even more surprising, ahem, alternative gifted who believe

a) that the Ukrainian punishers fight with the Russian army

b) and, even funnier, they paremhat.

Here is one me and said "Well, what the Ukrainian patriots killed tens of thousands? Rusni killed six times more." Interestingly, it is this "TSN said? "TSN vraie".

Even ISIS (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) in Syria is not at war with the Russian army. The word "suffers" from the Russian VKS. But the jihadists are much more boesposobny than Ukrainian Natsik, they are able to lead a fierce battle rifle (that dill for two years, never demonstrated), they have suicide bombers – but they are all useless against technically superior to several generations of the Russian HQs.

If the Russian army fought against maidenahalli, maidenahalli would long ago have occupied a place in the Museum of extinct species, near the dinosaurs and mammoths.

Separately, of course, deliver individuals who talk sagely about "Asian hordes of Muscovites" and "untermensch". When you read this, you can be sure that he wrote this little puny dick with signs of iodine deficiency, and several generations of closely related (in the mountain villages where povylazili these vuyki, is very often). To verify this, just look at the photos of their "providnika" – explicit degenerate Stefan Bandera.

every time I amused when a "ncluding" talk raguli who have at least five to seven hundred years in the family there was no one but slaves and serfs. Then the Soviet Government tried to make them men, but slavery is not so easy etched.

speaking of slavery. Property of the United States loves to talk about the fact that slaves live in Russia. They said the Great Black Gentleman through the Great Tecnologo Governor.

but I don't understand how can you be so stupid, flawed and slave schmuck, and be as complacent in your slavery?