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The Reichsfuhrer SS

Meeting.Clan.Su - Video 10.07.2016 at 11:23

Meeting.Clan.Su - Video

During the Second World war, the chief ally and loyal friend Adolf Hitler was a man named Heinrich Himmler. On account of this man hundreds of terrible and perverse murders, he killed anyone who dared to stand up to the enemy and spared no one. Once a faithful ally of Adolf Hitler is getting really bad, when his eyes had executed hundreds of innocent prisoners. Loyal General of the German Leader Hans Schellenberg watched the scene and he observed Heinrich Himmler became ill at the execution of prisoners. About the incident he immediately reported to Adolf Hitler, the turn issues an order to check on the loyalty of his faithful companion.

Heinrich Himmler have his own bare hands to kill a Polish prisoner, if he does, it confirms his loyalty to the German Leader. Going into the prisoner's cell, Henry wakes up inside of a terrible monster that kills without hesitation Polish prisoner. When the once-great Nazi Empire was looted and destroyed, Henry commits suicide. But as it turned out this is not the end, after death he goes to hell where he awaits the Erebus, which starts to torture Henry for all his atrocities.

Year: 2015

Country: US

Genre: horror, Thriller, drama, mystery, war

Original title: Reichsfuhrer-SS

Director: David B. Stewart III

starring: David B. Stewart III, Angelina Leigh, Chuck Maher, Martenslane, John Martineau, Tina Krause, Tammy Jean, Joseph Barford, Anthony cerrano, Kelly Weston

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