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Meeting.Clan.Su - Video 10.07.2016 at 11:34

Meeting.Clan.Su - Video

Breathtaking Bulgarian-Polish film, which shows war battle of Iraq. The picture is watching the audience – a living hell. Here are shown the events of 2004, before the start of a famous Muslim festival Acura. The militants, who actively support one Shiite leader raised a new rebellion and laid siege to the town hall Karbala. All the government officials, governors, police officers and even the prisoners before the terrorists find themselves in this siege. They are constantly and with great fury attacked. To cope with such very brutal and aggressive attacks have the squad, which consists of 80 soldiers, Poland and Bulgaria. Soldiers tend not to lose heart and be optimistic, but it happens unexpectedly – the weapons and food that were taken with a fighting 72 hours will end. What will happen next?

This is simply impossible to guess, since the connection with the database is lost. The soldiers don't know any reinforcement and what happens next? The soldiers have no option but to battle to win. Growing this world war Polish battle, killing more than 100 militants. What's all over? Can the soldiers defeat the invaders?

Year: 2015

Countries: Poland, Bulgaria

Genre: drama, war

Original title: Karbala

Director: Krzysztof lukaszewicz

starring: Bartlomiej Topa, Anthony Krulikovsky, Hristo Shopov, Atir Adele, Leszek Lichota, michał żurawski, Tomasz Suchard, Lukas Simlat, Peter glowacki

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