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News from the Frontier 2016.

Automatics ENG - automation, smart systems, ventilation, lighting 11.07.2016 at 21:00

Automatics ENG - automation, smart systems, ventilation, lighting

Dear clients! We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new line of automatics from the Taiwanese manufacturer Frontier.

now You can buy wireless temperature controllers Frontier TH-1149RF/RV-1341M and Frontier TH-1149RF/RVF-1510M , we also offer popular advanced sets of automation of a heating services with a special discount.

the Advantage of the wireless thermostat Frontier TH-1149RF/RV-1341M is that he has managed wireless actuator for thermostatic valves of radiators. The set of Electromechanical Chernogolovka Frontier RV-1341M includes adapters for valves of different manufacturers. The main feature of the system is its ability to enhance wireless devices up to 100 devices on a single wireless transmitter thermostat Frontier TH-1149RF, special multicast transmitting the digital signal. The same facility also has a wireless thermostat Frontier TH-1149RF/RVF-1510M only Executive wireless device is a special relay module Frontier RVF-1510M to connect to any heating appliances.

All prices listed in the catalog of our online store are current as of the date of purchase!

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