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A farewell to fools

Meeting.Clan.Su - Video 12.07.2016 at 15:10

Meeting.Clan.Su - Video

The Second World the events unfold on the territory of Transylvania. In the traditional Romanian village, a local man Alex discovers a dead soldier from the German army. It happened near the settlement. Who killed this German military quite clear. And the German authorities are not in a hurry to find out who killed the German soldier. They adhere to their own rules and laws. The Germans put forward for local farmers, the condition – or the killer immediately find and bring to him, or the next day, they mercilessly kill all the local leadership. Already scientifically proven that nothing makes the brain work and find the right solution, as the threat of their lives.

What to do in this situation? Because none of the farmers are not willing to confess to the loss of life of German and all of this is the village of the murderer? But to hand over the leadership of the Germans whom it is necessary, because at stake are their lives. Without becoming a long time to think and understand, they offered to play the role of the killer to the local fool Marcelo. Instead, the leadership he has solemnly promised to arrange a nice funeral and the eternal memory of the hero in the village. Would the guy on such a difficult transaction? Or it is not as simple as it seems at first glance?

Year: 2013

Country: Romania, Germany, Belgium

Genre: drama, Comedy, war

Original title: A Farewell to Fools

Director: Bogdan Dumitrescu

starring: gérard Depardieu, Harvey Keitel, Laura Morante, Bogdan Iancu, Alexandru Bindea, Nicodemus Ungureanu, Gheorghe Visu, Hubert Damen, Adina Cartianu, Daniela Nane, Gabriela Baluta, Andrew Seosan

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