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Park massacre

Meeting.Clan.Su - Video 15.07.2016 at 13:31

Meeting.Clan.Su - Video

Two robbers, after not quite a successful "business", trying to get away from the chase. They managed to get hold of the money and even take a hostage, but one of the robbers is seriously injured. The second thug and his captive no medical knowledge, but even they understand that the wounded man will soon die. And so it happens. But if the surviving pair knew what they would find, they would have every reason to envy the friend who is waiting for eternal rest! Their is something far more terrible. When in search of sleep, they wander in a strange, seemingly deserted place. It is not quite deserted, there is a long-settled ex-military, serious harm in mind. He decided that he has every reason to become a hunter of people. No one wandered into these places, do not go out alive, and no one was able to disarm the former military who became a serial killer — he had powerful patrons. He kills people not just because he cooked the tests, which must pass each doomed. Are there any chances of the robber and the hostage to escape from the hell that will lead them on a crazed military?

Year: 2016

Country: US

Genre: horror, action, Thriller, crime

Original title: Carnage Park

Director: Mickey Keating

starring: Ashley bell, Pat Healy, James Herbert, Michael Villar, Bob Bancroft, Larry Fessenden, Andy green, Alan ruck, Graham skipper, Darby Stanchfield

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