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They were soldiers: the Void

Meeting.Clan.Su - Video 15.07.2016 at 13:47

Meeting.Clan.Su - Video

Germany, 1945. Hitler is already dead, the war is over. But suddenly the crew finds USA a detachment of Germans, who desperately don't want to admit defeat Germany. They continue to fight, despite the obvious outcome.

the front Line had advanced across the land of Germany so fast that soon left a huge space, broken and ravaged by war. This area became known as "the Void".

During transportation of the rescued soldiers through "the Void" Sergeant Jesse Owens, along with a British officer are ambushed. They begin to pursue 3 German tank, but fortunately, comes to the aid of American soldiers on the Hellcat.

After it turns out that this soldier is a racist and is not going to carry the team Owens, due to the fact that Sergeant black. In order to survive and defeat the last German unit, the main characters have to come to an agreement and stop the conflict.

Year: 2014

Country: US

Genre: action, drama, war

Original title: Saints and Soldiers: The Void

Director: Ryan little

starring: Adam Gregory, Timothy S. Shoemaker, Michael Todd Behrens, David Morgan, Brenden Whitney, Jeff Birk, Joel Bishop

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