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Whitening mask (Mask Luminous Rice) - 30 ml

Beauty Point 16.07.2016 at 11:22

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Price: UAH 93


Whitening peel off mask

What it is:

Whitening, anti-aging and revitalizing mask for all skin types in powder form milky color with a pleasant odor.

Active ingredients:

Rice powder;

Gigawhite whitening complex;


diatomaceous silt.

Professional application:

Dissolve 20 g of powder with a small amount of water at room temperature;

mix Vigorously to obtain a homogeneous mass;

Apply mask to face and neck;

Leave the mask for exposure of 20-25 minutes;

Remove the mask in one piece.

NB: the Mask enhances the effect of pre-deposited funds, therefore during the procedure it is recommended to use the mask tool on the advice of your beautician.


Lightens the skin, regulates melanin synthesis;

Prevents and reduces the intensity of pigmentation;

Provides intensive antioxidant, moisturizing and firming action;

Promotes smoothing of wrinkles;

Smoothes the skin;

Improves the texture of the skin.