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Massage Yoni

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D cuevo

Yoni is vagina in Sanskrit. In ancient India, the vagina was considered a sacred part of the body, thus, the word "Yoni" means "sacred space or temple". In the ancient tantric art of Yoni massage was a passionate massage technique of the G-spot, which resulted in a terrific orgasm.

it is Possible to review the Yoni massage as a meditation for the vagina. In ancient times, the purpose of the Yoni massage is not to bring a woman to orgasm, and to get rid of bad feelings like anger, lust and sadness.

To begin the massage the couple needs to get comfortable, cuddle and stare into each other's eyes. It is necessary deeply to inhale and exhale. As soon as you feel a deep abstract link – you can begin to massage.

to Start with the massage of her hands, breast, abdomen, waist, inner thighs. The right hand should be tightly pressed to the body, and massage – left, remains abstract balance. When you reach the Yoni, apply a little lubricant to moisten the entrance to the Yoni.

Then, gently massage the clitoris, first run motion clockwise, then – against. You can gently squeeze the clitoris. Then you can slowly introduce your middle finger in the Yoni and bring him out. Then, the palm "looks" up, using a finger massaged the G-spot or "Holy place". After a gentle and more "strict" massaging the G-spot with constant mediative breathing of both partners and constant visual contact, you will feel like you are riding on the wave. Learn how to manage the wave – and your partner will begin to scream of pleasure: most women at the same time experiencing multiple orgasms. This energy output.

Finally, when the orgasm passes, the couple can enjoy the tranquility of post-mediation status. The Yoni massage can be considered as a ride on a double bike, when the partners went along to find themselves. The Yoni massage can also bring you closer with your partner.

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