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Russia will send to ISS a unique bio-printer 02.08.2016 at 06:39

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Author: Sergey Karasev

the United rocket and space Corporation (ORCC) has signed an agreement with the company "3D Bioprinting solutions" on the establishment of a unique bio-printer magnetic biofabrication tissue and organ constructs in microgravity on the International space station (ISS).


reported advanced installation will allow you to print in space, tissue and organ constructs is extremely sensitive to the effects of cosmic radiation. We are talking about the so-called sentinel organs: this can be, for example, the thyroid gland. Such bodies will be used for biomonitoring of adverse effects of cosmic radiation in long-term stay in space and the development of preventive countermeasures.


In the future, the technology of three-dimensional magnetic bioprinting can be used to correct damage to the tissues and organs of astronauts during long space flights. In addition, the technology will find application on Earth: it can be used for faster "printing" human tissue.

In General, the development of bio-printer needs to facilitate the emergence of a qualitatively new space and medical systems. It is expected that the installation will be sent to the ISS in 2018.


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