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Bag-a bag made of skin: where and what to wear?

Blog shop handbags 03.08.2016 at 18:53

In your blog you will learn about the latest from the world of fashion and how to save money on buying handbags in our store.

This summer, especially popular are the stylish and playful bags-bags, resembling an exaggerated pouch on the lacing, in the old days used to store all sorts of little things. The major advantages of this style accessory can be considered the practicality and considerable capacity. In addition, the bag is quite versatile and can successfully be used by the female students, if you are creating many images in the style of boho, grunge, urban casual. Business lady also makes sense to include this unusual accessory to your strict ensembles.

Because these bags are great for storing paperwork, stationery things, cosmetics. It will complement the sports and outfit because it looks dynamic and creative. In addition, the leather bag the proper design of performance may well serve as accent element in ethnographic silhouettes and retro images a-La 80-s. Therefore, such products and claim to be universal, operating convenient and stylistically variable. Thanks to the huge variety of decoration, colors and prints presented on world podiums this summer instances, leather handbag, bag-type may look feminine or extravagant, bold or romantic.

Stylish functionality

most of the modern fashionistas as well as stylish and attractive appearance of the bag is of great importance and different functional parameters of the accessory. For example, the durability of the bags. Instances of a reliable and durable leather material are of high durability. Any modern girl used to have a lot of different and extremely the necessary details. The significant capacity bag allows for convenient positioning in the depths of dozens of small things and get quick access to them. As for the stylistic aspect, the bag has always been considered the "face" of ladies. Well-chosen accessory can dramatically transform the entire wardrobe ensemble and create a striking finishing touch to the image.

the bag, which has a peculiar shape, you can wear the set with almost any things at any time of the year. It can be taken in the hand or worn on the shoulder, which is very convenient in the light of the rapidly changing environment of the modern big city. It only adds functionality so interesting and unusual products. Especially colorful and harmonious, the bag looks in a relaxed youth and student images, where it is currently often used. By the way, most models are now available with short handles and a detachable long strap, which greatly enhances their operational application and integrative skills. A considerable quantity of external pockets zip, buttons and Velcro makes this accessory extremely comfortable in everyday wear.

Features and current versions of bags sack

the characteristic design features of bags bags of modern design are ranked among the bottom oval or round shapes, soft configuration without distinct geometric lines and proportions, the presence of a fastener in the form of these ribbons. It is these details and give its operational convenience and make an original accessory for every day. However, for many the girl is that the clasp is rather a disadvantage, since even with a tight contraction of the braid a small hole through which can slip and lose small things, still remains. Designers, taking note of these complaints, presented this summer in their collections of products include a hidden zipper, which effectively eliminates this error.

Model the same variety of bag leather is extremely extensive. They differ in color performance, and the type of decoration and their characteristics used in the manufacture of the material. Summer products mostly are made of thin perforated leather. Incredibly relevant today copies, executed in the technique of patchwork that involves sewing of different texture patches. In terms of decorative ornamentation popular products with fringe, body with embossing patterns, sparkling in the summer sun metal fragments, original embroidery. Given this variety of models, to choose the right bag you must sight at the image, the addition of which she will serve.

the bag in various summer sets

Such products of the corresponding color and design performance can be perfectly integrated into the images of a vast spectrum of styles – vintage nostalgic and nihilistic grunge sets, romantic boho and country images, silhouettes of the direction of military, Safari, sport-chic, urban casual and many others. Wear this bag also can be almost everywhere. For example, for a beach vacation, photo shoot, boardwalk or shopping ideal product juicy colors: lemon, turquoise, scarlet, turquoise. To the image focuses on a romantic date, it is advisable to add accessory soft pastel tone. This season stylists recommend to give preference to matte-milky, pale pink, mint and sky blue colors.

Business ladies in their bows can use light gray, beige and brown handbags bags without over-decorating. However, you should know that this accessory is categorically not fit into the classic office ensemble. The model is decorated with ethnographic fringe will be a great addition style of boho-chic and retro-bows a La the 70s. Wearing this accessory you can complete with jeans-flared, airy blouse in muted colors, cigarette pants, tunics, denim overalls or a knit material. In a more romantic and feminine outfit will fit a model, decorated with beads or embossed floral patterns. It would look great combined with a long skirt or flowing dress to the floor.

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