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China has shown the bus, don't occupy lanes 05.08.2016 at 07:04

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Author: Alexander Budik

a few months Later, after the public presentation of the design in China demonstrated a prototype of a unique rail bus. The massive vehicle to a height of approximately 4.8 m resembles a tunnel and allows other road users to pass between their wheels.

New China

Bus, if you can call it that, was named TEB-1 (Elevated Transit Bus). It uses electricity and slides on special rails. Yet TEB-1 in experimental mode runs in one of the port cities of China, but soon the list will expand.

New China

New China

This concept was created to provide large-scale transportation of passengers, not loading the roads and without requiring significant investments in their modernization. The device has a length of 22 meters and a width of 7.8 m can accommodate up to 300 passengers (cars can be combined, increasing the capacity to 1.2 million passengers). The goal of the creators is to bring its speed up to 60-80 km/h.

New China

countries Such as Brazil, Nigeria, Mexico, Spain, France, and Indonesia, are already interested in licensing the product.


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