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Carboxytherapy — new on the market of cosmetic services

The territory of beauty Norm 18.08.2016 at 20:01

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Carboxytherapy is a method of healing and rejuvenation using carbon dioxide. To use the method in medicine started seventy years ago, but became widely known, he won only in recent years. Now carboxy therapy is successfully used in cosmetology to improve skin condition.

the Principle of action of carboxytherapy

the Carbon dioxide fights tissue hypoxia. The lack of oxygen causes aging of the skin, reducing firmness and elasticity. Tissue penetration of carbon dioxide increases blood flow, releases oxygen. Processed gas region encourages tissue regeneration using the body's own resources. Thus there is increased production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and breakdown of fats. Running recovery processes increase firmness and elasticity, eliminate skin irregularities.


the procedure used For medical carbon dioxide is injected under the skin using the apparatus, controlling the volume, and fine needles. The depth of insertion depends on the purpose of use. The course includes multiple sessions, from four to ten, held once a week. The procedure lasts from fifteen to thirty minutes. The result lasts six to twelve months.

depending on the state in addition to inject, apply transdermal method — carbon dioxide under the skin using a special mask. This option does not give immediate effect, requires more sessions, therefore, is not often used. Components of the mask are mixed, emit molecular carbon dioxide, deep penetrating under the skin. Used transdermal method to enhance the action of various cosmetic treatments, such as exfoliation, iontophoresis, electroporation.

Used in carboxytherapy technologies and tools make it harmless — carbon dioxide is non-toxic and non-allergenic, the use of sterile tools prevents infections.

After the procedure at the injection site possible pain, burning, slight swelling, slight redness of the skin. All this spontaneously disappears, is not a consequence of wrong actions of a cosmetologist, but just the body's reaction to the procedure. Six hours after the procedure not allow contact with water. Within two days can not overheat or SuperCool the area of injection.

Indications and contraindications

the Technique shown and effectively to eliminate sagging skin, wrinkles, stretch marks and scars, couperosis, bags and circles under the eyes, cellulite, acne and traces from them.

the Four treatments of carboxytherapy can help to restore the elasticity of the skin. When sagging skin of the body requires up to ten sessions. The method eliminates sagging of the cheeks, folds on neck, chin and rejuvenates the chest area.

circles under the eyes appear when the reduction of blood circulation in this area. In the course of carboxytherapy already after the third treatment there is a positive effect, the full course is six sessions. Especially noticeable results in the treatment of thin skin – it thickens noticeably, fades the appearance of vessels, increases the protective reaction of the skin from negative factors. Carboxytherapy can improve the skin, eliminate wrinkles, circles and bags, to raise eyebrows.

For the treatment of cellulite and reduction of subcutaneous fat, the carbon dioxide injected deep under the skin, activates the lymphatic drainage. This breaks down the compounds that make up the cellulite, intensively produced collagen. Helps the technique in the initial stages of cellulite.

the correction of stretch marks carboxytherapy smoothes them, makes them almost invisible. Saturation of tissues with oxygen greatly accelerates the process of scarring.

When hair loss is the introduction of carbon dioxide also stimulate the circulation and exerts a bactericidal action in hair follicles. The depth of insertion of the needle with just one to two millimeters. The result is shown by the fourth session, only spend up to twelve treatments.

In medicine successfully apply the carboxytherapy for the treatment of: varicose veins, psoriasis, diseases of the arterial blood vessels, Raynaud's syndrome, rheumatic diseases, erectile dysfunction.

it is Absolutely contraindicated the use of carboxytherapy after a heart attack, problems with blood clotting and while taking anticoagulants, epilepsy, recent phlebitis, skin infections and inflammatory processes in the treated area, during pregnancy and lactation, renal insufficiency, impaired cerebral circulation.

Carboxytherapy is safe and effective, but much depends on the competence of the specialist performing it. If the technique is applied correctly, it will eliminate many problems.