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Kiev refused the Russian Ambassador

Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 04.08.2016 at 04:57

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Ukraine withdrew from the agenda the approval of Mikhail Babich, the new Plenipotentiary representative of the Russian Federation is Mikhail Zurabov.

is significant diplomatic demarche was decided in Kiev, once again to lighten up in the direction of Russia. Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine Olena zerkal has declared on air "the 5th channel" (the one that Petro Poroshenko promised to sell as soon as I become President, but never sold) that the issue on approval of candidacy of the new Ambassador of Russia by the Kiev authorities is not even considered.

- This issue is removed from agenda. In any case, as he was delivered, - said zerkal.

that is, Mikhail Babich, which Moscow has offered on a post of the Ambassador of Russia in Ukraine is dismissed Mikhail Zurabov, to Kiev has not yet come. For obtaining of authority requires the consent of the host country. But Kiev is, is not really necessary. And, it seems, not in the person of Mr. Babic. The new Ukrainian authorities, are not tired to convince the nation and the world that are at war with the "aggressor Russia", trying to pretend actually at war. And in terms of the war — how can you take the Ambassador of a country that you "occupied"? No one will understand — so you are fighting or not?

- Ukraine has decided this issue in 2014, withdrawing its Ambassador from Russia. - Ed) - continued mirror.

It is really so. Today the Ukrainian Embassy in Russia headed by the chargé d'affaires. What is considered lower rank. However, Mikhail Zurabov, to Kiev all the past two years, the way home is not indicated. Experts believe that the secret lay in the fact that Zurabov just long-established personal and even business relations with Petro Poroshenko. But a large political influence on Ukraine Zurabov did not. Apparently, therefore, the question - how will the new attack on Kiev's relations with Moscow, Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine said:

- I Think it will have no effect, given that the previous role of the Ambassador in the formation of relationships was minimal.

this, alas, is true. On the background of the catastrophically damaged by Ukraine in recent years, relations with Russia and Russophobia, built Kiev in the rank of state policy, it was quite noticeable to Zurabov that actively and loudly let.

To Mikhail Babich Kyiv failure will not be a career disaster. He continues to work as a presidential envoy in the Volga Federal district. No one with this post was not fired.

the Embassy of Russia in Ukraine will not close. The rank of chargé d'affaires of them now directs Sergei Toropov.

But for Ukraine the final design of war with Russia on the diplomatic front, nothing good will not bring. Unless temporarily add a couple of points practically zero political rating of Poroshenko. It will take a week and that his "courage" will be forgotten. But snatching at the last remaining threads connecting Kyiv with Moscow, he signed his own death warrant — to restore Ukraine and its relations with Russia (which in fact is one and the same) will not he, as the next ruler of the Square.