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For the Kremlin, Poroshenko is now the inability of

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said that, after preventing a terrorist attack in the Crimea makes no sense to hold a meeting in the "Normandy format" in China.

the head of the Russian Federation he said at a press conference following talks with Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan.

According to the Russian President, the attempt to commit a terrorist act in the Crimea, is a "very dangerous game" and evidence that Ukraine turns to terror".

Specifically for the site RusNext his vision of events outlined by the Dean of the graduate school of journalism of the Moscow state University Vitaly Tretyakov:

Although the Ukrainian side is actively denied, I assume that the infiltration of sabotage groups from Ukrainian territory to the territory of Crimea was of course, the intention is straightforward — the organization and carrying out of terrorist attacks.

I assume the General mistrust to everything that does and says the modern Kiev regime is too much evidence that their allegations are false. And, of course, Russia — Putin repeatedly demonstrated it in your own words, and the same was confirmed by foreign Minister Lavrov that Russia is not interested in resumption of military actions in the Crimea and in the Donbas.

Many accuse Putin that the Kremlin is losing or has already passed — merged, as expressed by the new Russia and the Donbas, instead of finally to recognize the DNI and LC as independent States.

that is, the past two years, Russia has shown — except in the case of Crimea, which reunited with Russia — that it favours the preservation of the integrity of Ukraine, and this is only possible if it is a direct dialogue between DND, LNR and Kiev and will not be military action.

well, Russia is not interested to arrange some kind of provocation, and even in its own territory, thereby pushing the situation to the fact that directly opposite of their interests. All these two years, recognizing Poroshenko as the President of Ukraine (although Putin for many it is criticized) the Kremlin in the face of their higher officials very correctly spoke about any actions of the Kiev regime and personally Poroshenko — even if those actions did not like the Kremlin apparently did not like.

on the Contrary, from Kiev constantly rushing the most drastic and obscene accusations against Moscow, Kremlin, Russia, President Putin — that's all you can quote for hours, all these Turchinov, Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko that every week accused Russia God knows what.

In this regard, the fact that Putin two days ago, said regarding the incident on the border of Ukraine and Crimea — he put on a par with the assassination of Carpentry — not to mention that Putin for the first time in the last two years so tightly and clearly expressed on the policy of the Kiev authorities. He recalled that Poroshenko and others came to power in a coup — what not to say in fact, all of the last two years, he first stated directly and specifically that the political and economic situation in Ukraine is close to catastrophic, and he first tied these provocations, calling them a terrorist act, because it need it to Kiev in order to divert attention from this disastrous political situation and almost directly pointed to the fact that Kiev has crossed the line that separates just resistance from terrorist acts.

the Correctness demonstrated by the Kremlin and Putin personally recent years in assessing the situation in Ukraine, now discarded. Presumably, this is because Putin is impressed by this act of terrorism.

did Poroshenko about the fact that this operation will be conducted. or he was not informed, and there each operates independently and does what he wants — it doesn't matter. With partners from other countries for the situation meets Poroshenko — the man the Kremlin recognized the President — and if he does not control the situation in their own country — well, what is Russia's fault, so Poroshenko has to take a decision or to resign, or to take the situation under control.

If hypothetically come out of the situation that the Kremlin need the aggravation — then certainly this should be done not when in the Crimea the midst of the holiday season, and there is a lot of people from the mainland, from the internal regions of Russia. I'm (and not only me), said that in the midst of the holiday season, the Ukrainian side will undertake any such actions to intimidate those who come to the Crimea in the summer on vacation. And many Ukrainian radicals, starting with all the right sector and Kiev ending the Crimean Tatars, directly said that they would organize armed terrorist attacks either in the Crimea or on the border with Crimea.

All this together, when viewed objectively by a third-party opinion, allows to make two obvious conclusions.

the First is that all the provocations of Ukraine or Kiev regime, or uncontrolled forces, which in this case does not matter — to encourage Russia to take strict military way of solving the problem. That is, in fact, forcing Russia to respond by armed force on the territory of Ukraine, which in turn will allow to intensify the support of NATO, the Kiev regime would require NATO troops, bases, advisers and so on.

the Second - perhaps, indeed Putin has decided that Poroshenko cannot be trusted (even though he already knew), but he decided that he had enough to pretend that Poroshenko can be something to negotiate. He explicitly indicated that this is a red line, and if something like that happens, Moscow will be forced to switch to a completely different format of relations with the Kiev regime.

Cancelled the meeting in the Normandy format — that is, the refusal to meet with Poroshenko and discuss with him — even in the presence of Merkel and Hollande — the whole situation. From the point of view of the Kremlin, Poroshenko is now inability. It's a very tough position, which for many Putin was in Russia.