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Over the Donbas thickens the shadow of war

Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 19.08.2016 at 05:32

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On 16 August, the Ministry of public security people's Republic of Lugansk said that the Ukrainian side is preparing numerous acts of sabotage and provocations in order to accuse the armed forces of the breakaway republics of Donbass in violation of the "Minsk - 2".

the official statement of the MGB LNR said that Kiev intends to present the situation as a result of massive attacks "separatists" and "Russian-terrorist forces" Armed forces of Ukraine suffered serious damage.

to"Disrupt "Minsk-2" on charges of violating the ceasefire, units of the people's militia of LPR and DPR's defense Ministry, Ukraine intends by the destruction of a large number of layouts built from unserviceable and unfit for repair of military equipment, as well as by attacks of non-residential houses located in settlements near the contact line", - stated in the message on the website of the Republican security services. As the number of secret documents to the Ministry of state security of LPR, "it is not excluded that for clarity, the casualties, the actions of the APU will be similar to the actions of the summer of 2014, aimed at the simulation of mass casualties among civilians, allegedly at the hands of the militia of Donbass. Coverage of this stock is planned in the Ukrainian media".

the Official site leads and one of which fell into the hands of the Luhansk scouts of documents signed by the chief of may day district Department of internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Kiev regime controlled part of the Luhansk region the Colonel Kravtsov. From the text it follows that the police official expressly gives the order to organize the following provocation: using the unidentified bodies stored in local morgues, to falsify the mass graves of the "victims of illegal armed formations" in the area. Then it is strongly recommended that "exhume" with involvement of experts of the OSCE mission.

the Plans hatched today the regime of Kiev in respect of Donbass, reminiscent of what a sinister role was played in 90-e years in the wars in Yugoslavia, the explosion at the Markale market incident in the village of Racak. (Explosive device of unknown origin in the city market Markale in Sarajevo, during which killed dozens of Muslims, the US administration used as a pretext for the bombing by NATO aircraft of the position of Serbs in the Bosnian war in 1995. In the village of Racak [Kosovo] masquerade by dressing in the clothing of civilians of Albanian terrorists, killed in January 1999 in the course of the operation of the Yugoslav police, became the pretext for a massive NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. In both cases, had the provocation).

"I estimate the probability of a full-fledged resumption of hostilities as a fifty percent - says Lugansk blogger "Jacket", the senior Lieutenant of militia LC, last Dnipropetrovsk journalist Sergey Vasilevskiy. – It is obvious that Kiev is now trying to solve the issue with uncontrolled volunteer battalions, as evidenced by the passions surrounding the trial of rapists and torturers of the unit "Tornado". It is evident that attempts to act according to the law of the nationalist volunteers respond with unity, in support tornadovtsev has acted the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, former commander of the battalion "Donbass" Semenchenko, let's see how will behave the commander of Azov Biletsky. In this situation, the Kiev regime will be extremely beneficial to send dobrobiti to the slaughter, like in 2014, another thing is if they want to participate in such a role?"

the words of Sergei Vasilevsky indirectly confirmed by the latest intelligence, the people's militia LC of the transfer of mercenaries and nationalist battalions to the line of demarcation. Last week in Ukraine-controlled city of Popasnaya of the Luhansk region to reinforce the 10th battalion of the 59-th separate motorized infantry brigade of the APU came six promemoria with the militants "Right sector". Ibid., and in Starobelsk and Lugansk the Village is situated nationalist battalion "Azov" Chechen battalion. Dzhokhar Dudayev. A similar situation is observed in other localities of the "Ukrainian" of the Luhansk region. Near the village of Bolotnoe Stanichno-the Lugansk area created a division of the Turkish and Chechen mercenaries from the organization "Grey wolves". In the city Happiness there arrived the division of the three hundreds of insurgents, dressed in black uniforms with the word "North". Novoaydarsky district seen armed people in the form of stitched chevrons with red and white stripes (I assume that they came from Poland).

however, if in a more peaceful Lugansk talk about the possibility of war, for residents of Donetsk scary "normal" became daily attacks. "Attacks occur daily, and shells and mines fall in the areas of Donetsk, who informed the war had spared, - shares his impressions of living in the capital of the DNI coordinator of the "international Brigade", a former chief of staff of the artillery of the Second brigade of the national police LNR Sergey Fomchenkov. – "Rear" units of the Republic fighters which previously was impossible to see the "front end" is now permanently located at the contact line in full combat readiness. Reports to me the intelligence of the APU, despite the Minsk agreement, brought up to the demarcation line of self-propelled 203 mm artillery "Peony" divisions "Grad", heavy 150-mm heavy howitzers. Their commando units are constantly grope weak places in defense of DNR".

There is a sinister symbolism in the fact that this summer the deterioration in the Donbass is the second anniversary izvarinskogo ilovaisky boiler. 6 Aug 2014 in the course of liquidation izvarinskogo boiler, according to the headquarters of the militia LNR, the Ukrainian army lost between 4,000 and 5,000 men killed, wounded and prisoners. And in the 20's of August 2014 after the "collapse" ilovaisky boiler losses of the Ukrainian side made more than a thousand people.

...Today in Ukraine there is not one area that regularly would not "cargo 200" received from Donbass. The harvest of death is becoming more abundant. Sometimes there is a feeling that people are ready to further engage in self-destruction, while agreeing to have his sons sent to the slaughter by those who in February 2014 the violence has taken over the country and, being stuck, fear of this power to lose.