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Photorejuvenation — the basics and contraindications

The territory of beauty Norm 20.08.2016 at 20:51

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Our skin for life is exposed to different external and internal factors: solar radiation, improper diet, Smoking, stress, alcohol, drugs, improper cosmetics. As a result, she is aging, and the face loses its appeal.

To return the skin of youth, remove age spots, smooth fine wrinkles and scars may be the photorejuvenation procedure. She is young enough procedure, but failed to win the recognition of many fans. The main advantage of the procedure over other methods of elimination of problems of the skin that it does not injure the skin. The procedure starts its own reserves of the organism, provoking the production of collagen and elastin layers of the epidermis. Photorejuvenation is especially effective in the treatment of pigmentation and freckles, due to the fact that the dark layers of the skin absorb the light, causing the pigment in them is destroyed.

the Result of this procedure is noticeable lifting effect, the disappearance of vascular "stars" and wrinkles, reduction of acne and acne. The result of activation of intracellular processes is a fresh and tightened skin, as if shining from within. To perform the procedure at any age.

Types of procedures

depending on how the light source affects the skin, there are several types of photorejuvenation:

•If the light source is a laser, the procedure is called laser photorejuvenation.

•if the source emits pulsed light, IPL is a photorejuvenation.

•the Status of ELOS get devices that combine the electro - and photo - impact. The quality of the skin treatment of such devices above.

•Collagen called photorejuvenation with the use of collagen lamps. Machines photo rejuvenation can combine several types of light sources and additionally have the ability to pick up light emission characteristics for a specific skin type.

How is photorejuvenation?

the procedure does not require prior training. The skin is cleansed in the usual way, it is a special gel, which is designed to prevent it from overheating. Be sure to put on eye black patch, or at least glasses, since the procedure is performed by means of flashes of light and can severely blind. Further processing is the impact of light on problem areas. First, the specialist deals with spider veins and pigment spots, and then working on the remaining areas of the skin. Then proceeds to the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The procedure can last up to hours. At the end of the session, there are creams, gels, medicinal ointments to soothe the skin.


Despite clear advantages over other methods of skin rejuvenation, this procedure there is a standard list of contraindications:

•the Dark from nature or as a result of tan complexion;

•inflammation, open wounds, scratches on the skin;

•Infectious and other diseases;

•the Presence of implants and pacemaker;

•Eye diseases;

•Diseases of cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine system and blood;


After the procedure is better to refrain from sunbathing and visiting the saunas, not to hurt the skin cosmetics, to consume more fluids, but excluding possible alcohol and cigarettes. The rehabilitation period of skin is a few hours, after which, if the resurfacing was conducted properly, redness and any other effects disappear.