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Carboxytherapy — a quick solution to difficult problems

The territory of beauty Norm 23.08.2016 at 00:06

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For optimum performance of every cell the body needs oxygen. As a side effect, carbon dioxide is immediately removed from the body. A reduced level of oxygen causes the lack of elasticity of the skin. It formed redness, acne, pimples.

Medicine should not be long in one place, especially industry, help the health of blood vessels. Every woman wants to look young and attractive. Over time, the skin ages and loses elasticity. Thanks to the latest technologies in cosmetology you can use the painless and safe method for skin rejuvenation.

Carboxytherapy – rejuvenation technique, which is based on the introduction under the skin of carbon dioxide (CO2). It is not an allergen and does not require intervention into the body. Revitalizes and refreshes the skin. Beauticians use this technique as a more qualitative method for skin rejuvenation.

Work technique

the Apparatus is a diffusion gun that dispenses the normal gas introducing under the skin. It uses medical carbon dioxide. CO2, which is in the tissues during the procedure, renew blood circulation, increase blood vessels, the tissue is filled with oxygen.

Under the skin through a needle enters the carbon dioxide that causes stress in the body. In some places, not enough oxygen and nutrients, due to which he directs them there. Vessels increased, blood flow resumes, in a tissue begins to receive oxygen. In a short time the carbon dioxide is dissolved, returning the skin to normal condition. In tissues stabiliziruemost process of metabolic substances and increases the breakdown of fats. Due to the strong circulation possible redness, but it quickly subsides. At the end of the procedure, the doctor treats the skin with antiseptic.

the Injection is introduced at a distance of 100 mm. with uniform distribution handled all the problem area. CO2 is excreted through the kidneys within one hour after administration. The procedure itself takes about 15 minutes. The required dosage and the pressure is calculated for each patient individually. The number of sessions depends on the initial problem and the desired effect that lasts from six months to a year. To improve the effect of the procedure is done more than two times within 12 months.

There are 2 types of therapy: injectable and non-invasive

the First type of procedure has a great advantage over the second, since the effect is observed after the first dose. Carbon dioxide gas is injected into the skin using a fine needle, which is almost not felt. After the procedure, the patient feels great.

the Second method is suitable for those who are afraid of needles. Before the procedure makes the skin cleansing, peeling. The patient applied a special mask, through which the gas penetrates into the skin. After the person applied the cream to each type your. The process takes a little more time than acupuncture and requires more sessions for visual effect.

When you need to resort to the procedure:

1. Deep scars, stretch marks. Needle injected into the skin of 6 mm. Therapy CO2 affects the initial reason for the formation of stretch marks, thereby restoring the collagen matrix.

2. Flabby skin. The depth of the needle is 2 mm. Increases production of collagen and elastin.

3. Circles under the eyes. The problem occurs because of poor blood flow under the lower eyelid and its region.

4. Obesity. The needle penetrates to a depth of from 3 to 10 mm. Due to the deep depth improves lymphatic drainage.

5. Hair loss. The depth of needle penetration is not more than 2 mm. Due to gas is resumed blood circulation and improves the bactericidal effect in the hair follicles.

6. The varicose veins.

7. Second chin.

8. Acne.

There are medical indications for the procedure: a disease of the blood vessels, joints, headache, restless sleep, acute arthritis, varicose ulcers.

the Contraindications to the procedure:

• recent myocardial infarction;

• epilepsy;

• skin infections;

• poor blood clotting;

• renal failure.

During the procedure, feels a tingling sensation or tingling. Possible tremors or heaviness in the limbs.

Side effects:

• a small swelling at the injection needle;

• possible mild bruising at the puncture of small vessels;

• reddening of the treated part of the skin.

To prevent complications should be within a couple of days to prevent sudden changes in temperature. It is forbidden to wet the treated skin area. If the procedure is carried out on the body, something undesirable some time to wear spanx. The procedure of rejuvenation should be a doctor-a physiotherapist and a beautician who is qualified. Than before to carry out such anti-aging treatments, the more likely to resort to plastic surgery in the future.