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Day broken promises

Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 24.08.2016 at 06:20

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In the twenty-fifth anniversary of the proclamation of independence of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko will take part in the military parade and will hold talks with his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda, ahead of a series of meetings by European leaders at a high level Kiev is still trying to persuade the EU to provide financial assistance and to cancel the visa. But to go to the Ukrainian President with nothing – except to repeat the promises of a year ago.

to Celebrate the independence Day of Ukraine August 24, the Kiev government has decided on a Grand scale. Despite the fact that the practice of holding large-scale military parades regularly led to criticism of the public – it's too inappropriate and expensive for the country where there is war, to abandon the Patriotic show Poroshenko categorically does not want.

this time, the Ministry of defense vows to Khreshchatyk over 200 vehicles and more than three and a half thousand soldiers. However, this time the Ministry Stepan Poltorak assured that equipment and personnel from the combat zone will not involve; in 2014 PR Bank and the Ministry of defence has tried to present the beautiful legend that equipment to parade in the independence Day goes straight to the Donbass. Pseudo-fighters with "all Soviet" here is reproached are too transparent analogy with the parade of 7 November 1941 on the red square is then a participating unit really went right to the front, in the defense of Moscow.

But this year, the Ukrainian army promises to show a new "decompensirovanny" form, with no stars on the epaulets, but with flowers. However, the design of some Ukrainian observers have detected a certain similarity with the insignia of Nazi Germany.

Poroshenko plans on August 24 to deliver the keynote address. It is likely that in addition to the Kiev parade, the President can go to a front zone in the Donbass in 2014, he flew from Kiev to Odessa, where the base of the Ukrainian Navy, relocated there after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, and a year ago, "combined" state holiday with the negotiations for a peaceful settlement in Berlin).

"the Twenty-fifth year of independence, we have to go through like brittle ice. Must understand that a small careless step can be fatal," said a year ago Poroshenko. In his former speech he said about bezalternativno peaceful settlement within the Minsk agreements and the need for early adoption of the amendments to the Constitution on decentralization. Moreover, the inhibition of these processes Poroshenko directly accused the Ukrainian opposition forces, wittingly or unwittingly play along with Russia.

"What you mean? For example... the desire to disrupt the adoption of amendments to the Constitution or to bury the Minsk agreements", - said Poroshenko. During the year the amendments to the Constitution are passed, on first reading, and Poroshenko himself, citing the alleged lack of controlled majority in the Parliament, does not make necessary for the implementation of the Minsk agreements bills.

Over the past year, "the thin ice", Ukraine overcame another round of political crisis with the threat of collapse of the coalition and the resignation of the government, to the independence Day of the aggravated intra-elite struggle of two power structures – the state office of public Prosecutor and the National anti-corruption Bureau.

in Other words, talking about achievements, as well as the plans, Poroshenko will be difficult (in the worst case you can just try to repeat it, replacing the poetic quote from Lina Kostenko at the beginning of some of the other Ukrainian classics).

Because it is, on the one hand, will try to strengthen the radical war rhetoric, on the other - to focus on the fact that after 25 years of independence, Ukraine has almost become a full-fledged European state. Both of these models Poroshenko successfully worked in your "pre-tour", visiting Lviv and Kharkiv.

But here lies the problem: radical militarism – with the threat of martial law, General mobilization, and active hostilities – does not find support almost nowhere, except for some Western regions. And the more it finds support among the European partners of Ukraine.

as for the European achievements, that is why Petro Poroshenko in Kiev, invited his Polish counterpart, Andrzej Duda with him, they plan to make a joint statement. Poland, Ukraine, even despite the cool relationship, still continues to be perceived as a key lobbyist of its interests in the EU. It Tusk in a recent telephone conversation Poroshenko tried to convince to try to defend "Ukrainian version" of the attempted terrorist attack in the Crimea, with direct charge of Russia, at the informal EU summit in Bratislava in mid-September.

It Poland Kiev will try to use to attempt to secure the next tranche from the EU and introduction of visa-free regime for Ukraine. The issue of tranche (especially in light of the fact that the IMF does not, and before the election of the President of the United States in General are unlikely to give any clarity on his provision) remains open.

as well as with visa-free regime. In Kharkov the President cheerfully report that the deadline – "couple of weeks". A day earlier, foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said that it is possible, in the best case, not before late October – early November. Amazing, it would seem that the inconsistency of plans..

"At the beginning of September will be the consideration of the report on Ukraine in the European Parliament. Then will come the turn of the European Council. I very much hope that this will happen in October or early November. – said Klimkin, and quite not optimistic, he continued. – Actually, the visa-free regime and its functioning is a question of trust between Ukraine and the EU. What we all did, of course, super. But now we have to continue to perform."

the Author: Elena Stavrovskaya