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Samsung is approaching the status of the most expensive company in Asia 25.08.2016 at 11:52

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Author: Sergey Yurtaikin

the Rapid growth of quotations Samsung Electronics contributes to the approach of the South Korean giant to the status of most expensive companies in Asia. The same applies to Chinese Internet giant Tencent Holdings, known for such popular services in China, like WeChat and Weixin. Shared his observations of the reviewers to Reuters.

From 18 to 23 August, the total market capitalization of Tencent and Samsung jumped to $30 billion, bringing the company began to cost 239 and 249 billion, respectively. It is close to the figure of $259 billion, which has Chinese operator China Mobile is the most expensive at the moment Asian company.

Now, Samsung takes the 17th place among the global companies with the largest capitalization, Tencent is even higher in the 12th position. Five months ago these companies were located in 33-th and 26-th lines, respectively, according to data analysts at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Over the past year, Samsung quotes rose by 50 %, while Apple recorded only a 3-percent rise due to weak sales in China.

Samsung Shares rise in price on the back of strong sales of the flagship smartphone and enabling analysts on the company's revenues. At the same time, the international rating Agency Moody's Investors Service warns that the second half of 2016 profitability Samsung will fall due to seasonal factors in consumer electronics and increased competition.


Record Samsung is approaching

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