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The results of the 2016 square

Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 25.08.2016 at 04:31

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Today Ukraine celebrates independence Day. Celebrations in honor of the release from the USSR, as well as any Ukrainian festivals in recent years, ultimately reduced to the glorification of the army, designed to deal with some external aggressor, in which the government shifts all the troubles of Ukraine.

the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak with a parade of Ukrainian troops in the American "Hummer". A vivid illustration of external control, under which hit Ukraine after the Maidan, and which the current government is the highest political achievement since the times of "Soviet occupation".

a Quarter century of independence of Ukraine illustrates and official statistics. One of the main indicators — demographics. At the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine's population was 52 million. Today, according to official figures of 42 million 700 thousand.

Minus 9 million people. It's like minus the whole population of Sweden or Belarus. And that's not the whole truth. Taking into account the lost of Crimea, a breakaway Donbass and millions of migrant workers, living permanently abroad, the more credible experts believe the figure of 36-37 million.

this increases the mortality rate, largely associated with the decline in living standards. Ukraine is the only Republic of the former USSR, which has still not reached the GDP level of 1991 year, and don't even come close to it.

At the dawn of independence Ukraine was part of the elite club of countries producing electronics, automobiles, airplanes and spaceships. The current limit of dreams — to become an agricultural power, the main export which is a grain. Ukrainian national debt has now reached the fantastic figure of 67 billion dollars.

When this country began its economic history with a clean slate — all the debts of the USSR took over Russia. She's a quarter of a century gave Kiev $ 250 billion — in the form of loans, discounts and trade preferences. Attachments United States, for comparison, 5 billion. Well, another $ 5 billion the Americans, by their own admission, spent to tear Ukraine away from Russia.

the national currency, the hryvnia for 20 years, depreciated by 12 times. And collapse — after the Maidan.

the Maidan was the start of the civil war, which, despite the contradictions between East and West could have been avoided.

the Inhabitants of Donbass in the most part, sincerely believed themselves to be Ukrainians, and communicating among themselves in Russian, did not object to the primary language of their children became Ukrainian. Now millions of people in the people's republics don't want to have anything to do with a country that kills them.

this is the main political result of the 25th anniversary of independence, which is actually now the external control. On the eve of the Vice-President USA Joe Biden was bragging in an interview that he was forced Poroshenko to dismiss the Prosecutor General Shokina.

otherwise promised trouble getting American loans. Prosecutor Poroshenko dismissed, but the money in Kiev did not see until now — the pan is not obliged to report to the slaves for their decisions. What Biden feels in Ukraine, namely the owner, it became clear immediately after the Maidan.

this is footage when the Vice President of the United States gathered in Kyiv all the members of the junta and himself were seated at the head table — a symbol of Ukraine's modern history. Although legally its independence Kiev has lost in the time of the signing of the Association agreement with the European Union.

President Poroshenko put into the hands of Brussels all the control levers of the national economy. Now they had to decide what Ukraine can produce and sell, in what volumes and by what standards.

Leverage — abound. From the already mentioned blackmail credits, to a landing of aliens in the government. Instead, Poroshenko has two and a half years promises citizens a visa-free regime with Europe, which the EU and does not.

the bottom line the Ukrainians of today are really that fashionable of tolerance on the streets of Kiev. But first and foremost — civil war, poverty, divided society and rampant neo-Nazis, who are not willing to obey either the Ukrainian or the U.S. government.