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Computex 2016: wave of new products from Thermaltake 27.08.2016 at 12:26

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Author: Valery Kosygin

Despite the rapid expansion in recent years, the main product for the Thermaltake are still accessories for PC — case, power supply and cooling system.

the Thermaltake Stand is decorated with modified chassis winning the contest CaseMOD Invitational, which the company held for the second time. In addition to the mass variations on the theme of the open case Thermaltake Core P5, housing, built-in game tables, and such products in which it is quite impossible to guess the features of the original product.

the Key announcement in this category was the project of the Tower is the Thermaltake performed in conjunction with the company Watermod France. Presents case yet exists in a single copy, but will soon go into mass production and will be sold at a price of $250. The Tower is a floor standing Cabinet with three transparent acrylic panels showing the "iron" of the computer. The motherboard in the casing facing the external connectors up. The air enters through a grating in the enclosure base and taken out through the top (120/140 mm size) and side (up to four pieces for 120/140 mm fans. In the same places can be mounted radiators DLC.

Through the front panel there are two baskets for storage form factor 3.5 inches and in the thickness of the rear panel are additional seats, and enough space for cable management.

the Following new items represent the development of the concept of open housing with transparent acrylic cover —Thermaltake Core P5. Core P3 is a reduced version of the latter, designed for motherboard form factors mini-ITX and micro-ATX. The case allows for horizontal or vertical mounting and has wall mounting. Graphics card can be positioned both perpendicular and parallel to the plane of the motherboard.

Inside Core P3 is enough space to install three-section radiator, DLC, and for storage there is an open basket three 2.5-inch device, or two 3.5-inch. A couple of hidden compartments in the metal enclosure base.

Case Core P1 is the youngest model in the line, but you can't buy in the store. Instead, you will need to download the model from the website and print on a 3D printer. In addition, it is possible to produce thus various modules for the hull Core P5.

Thermaltake Core G3 is close to the standard housings form factor ATX, as it has a closed design, but the acrylic cover and the location of the components related to the above models: graphics card mounted parallel to the motherboard, so the unit came out quite thin. The second limitation, in addition to that you can't install more than one expansion Board is to use a standard compact PSU SFX. The housing can be installed in a "standing" and "lying" position. Known estimated price of Core G3 in retail up to $80-90.

the Exposure previously submitted enclosures Thermaltake also deserves attention, especially "super-tower" models WP100, WP200 and W200. Inside these enclosures have enough space to accommodate arbitrarily complex desktop configurations, in particular the vast array of drives: in addition to the inner compartments provided for recoverable front basket latches (as in servers and NAS). Moreover, model 200-series can accommodate two such PC motherboards, mounted on a Central partition. The power supply is expected to be installed in a separate lower compartment, and the radiator LSS — either there or on the top cover.

On the stand Thermaltake also has several smaller buildings in the same cubic style and is quite standard case under ATX motherboard and micro ATX "lying" and "standing" location.

Among them I want to highlight Suppressor F31: body panels are internally coated with noise-absorbing material, and it is remarkable how attached dust filter on top panel — due to the magnetic strips on the perimeter of the grid.

in Addition to a variety of buildings of notable novelty in the category of components from Thermaltake became a fan RGB Riing 12 Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition, continuing the series of case fans with led ring lighting. Connecting fans through the block Riing RGB Fan Hub, the user is able not only to regulate the speed of rotation of the cooler, but to choose the background lighting of the 256 variants. New coolers are also structurally different from its predecessors due to the use of 11-blade impeller.

the New power supply Toughpower DPS G series RGB Gold (650, 750, 850 W) and Titanium (850, 1000, 1500 W) is also equipped with fans format 140 mm with a luminous ring. Special software allows to just change the background lighting, and also to regulate the speed and monitor the power settings of the computer. By installing the smartphone app from Thermaltake, you can get notifications about the failure of BP and remotely disable the system.

the Subject cooling stand Thermaltake closed sets DLC Pacific RL360 Hard Tube RGB D5 Water Cooling Kit and a Pacific RL240 D5 Hard Tube. The first includes the three radiator and three fans Riing 12 RGB, the second — two-piece radiator cooler Riing with a red light. Both sets are filled with opaque coolant, and most importantly — to connect components Thermaltake first uses a rigid tube. To trim and bend the last sale a set of special tools.

Under the brand name Tt eSPORTS dedicated to gaming accessories was also showcased several original products. Thermaltake offers several keypads with membrane, mechanical or plunger structure keys. One of the novelties in this field — model POSEIDON Z TOUCH, which has a capacitive touch sensor built into the spacebar. On the keyboard POSEIDON Z ADVANCED any key can have arbitrary highlighting shade, and there is a macro recording function.

Among gaming mice Thermaltake introduced the FP BLACK with a built-in fingerprint sensor. Another mouse, LEVEL 10 M ADVANCED, which are the fruit of the Thermaltake collaboration with BMW Group Designworks USA, has a laser sensor with a resolution of 8200 dpi and a built-in light. A key feature is the tilt adjustment of the mouse body relative to the base. All mice series VENTUS are slotted for cooling the palm of a gamer, but have their distinctive features. VENTUS Z allows you to switch between five profiles functions, which together gives you the opportunity to operate 50 programmable macros. VENTUS S — a compact model for easy gripping with fingertips. VENTUS X OPTICAL VERSION has the highest precision in series by resolution of 12,000 dpi.

Finally, the mouse THERON PLUS Smart Mouse in combination with keyboard POSEIDON Z PLUS Smart Keyboard allows you to keep statistics on the use of manipulators during gaming sessions.

the Theme color light dominates the Thermaltake booth this year: even gaming headset with 7.1 emulation DD CRONOS RGB and mouse pad DRACONEM are illuminated by RGB LEDs with adjustable color.

In the catalog of accessories for mobile devices, LUXA2 has also updated headphone stand E-One Aluminum Headset Holder in two new colors — Champagne Gold and Rose Gold.

to summarize, we say that Thermaltake is perhaps presented the most vivid exposition at Computex 2016 in its niche — the case, cooling and power supplies. Not so easy to come up with something new in the category of devices as prosaic purpose, but the main thing is to combine innovation and practicality. Gaming accessories Tt eSPORTS also have a lot of original and unexpected features.


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