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Laser hair removal is the result of consolidation

The territory of beauty Norm 30.08.2016 at 09:32

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The human Body is constantly updated, restoring lost cells, replacing dead. This process does not stop even for a second, touching each area of our body, even the slightest. The same applies to the hair in any part. To completely stop it without any damage to the body is impossible, but there is a way to significantly slow down the appearance of new hair, and this method is laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is the course of treatments, from 2 to 4 sessions over two months, which will help you forget about hair in unwanted areas of your body. The process is completely painless, and its result — a clear skin in the long run, the result is guaranteed on 100%. And it's not a miracle — it's just a result of technological advances which is available today.

Noncontact is a major benefit of laser hair removal. The hair is removed directly by the laser beam, and mild irritation and redness that can occur because of him, will descend after a few minutes. The only thing is to refrain after this procedure — from visiting the Solarium and direct sunlight on the body within twenty days, as this can cause certain complications. In addition, some clinics do not perform the procedure people who in the recent past, intensive sunbathing at such a time the skin becomes more receptive, which can lead to painful sensations. It is also strictly forbidden to carry out the procedure of laser hair removal for people with eczema or diabetes, pregnant women, patients with malignant tumors.

Before or between procedures also should refrain from other methods of removal of body hair, for example waxing or plucking. Following each session of four or five planned should be performed when the skin become visible new growing hair. This will allow us to capture the period of active growth, skin treatment which will give the best results.

the Essence of the procedure lies in the fact that from the installation to the skin, like lightning, sent laser pulses that treat the skin area with a radius up to 10 mm. in this process the hair are destroyed quickly enough, and the person does not feel absolutely any pain and saves your time. No pain during laser processing due to the presence of the cooling element directional air flow that allows not to heat up the skin around the treated area.

the advantages of laser hair removal over other treatment methods are that it can be used for any type of skin, it does not damage the epidermis, which eliminates the risk of infection after treatment, it is absolutely painless and very effective — you will feel the results after just one treatment, and after a full course will forget about hair growth.

All this has led to the fact that laser hair removal is widespread. Every beauty salon tries to make this procedure a list of the offered services, purchasing necessary equipment and hiring specialists that are responsible for a great result.