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Trouble in Ukraine - the government does not know the language society

Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 30.08.2016 at 05:56

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Population Square believes that things in the country are so bad because the officials don't know the Ukrainian language society, but is perfectly fluent on the hair dryer.

State politics is important, and the lesson is not for everyone, but not in Ukraine. As practice shows, to reach power and any authority can be a variety of ways. Yesterday the leaders of the gangs aim at generals and disgraced politicians are advisors of the President. It would seem that the SBU stream of political touring filters, but there it was.

However, the "conscious" citizens of Ukraine revere the purity of political corridors, and evaluate politicians "sober" and "sane". The humor of the situation is that "common" accusations towards the Ukrainian politicians, as a rule, are in a terrible offense at the ignorance of the Ukrainian language. "Sober" also does not smell, but where there with this President.

total turns out that, in Ukraine, the road to politics is thorny and passes through failures at home. However, a good politician in Ukraine to be harmful, because the understanding of the situation is bad for activity. Spend the budget to the state purposes, apparently, in the view Happy, not European.

Particularly amused by the claim to political workers of the ignorance of the Ukrainian dialect, as it is clear that they move in pursuit of specie, and the question now is not about the salary. However, the political brothel courtesans, called the Verkhovna Rada, it's time to break ground and rebuild, but in a totally different format. If you do not change the officials, it is appropriate instead of building Happy to put up a tent, used circus tent, because in the current format MPs do not state Affairs.

Today's course of Ukraine on the refusal of the past, fetishism of independence and statehood of the country strange. If there has been a "crossing" to Europe, despite the stable expression of the horses to be replaced. In the EU do not wait and start waiting with open arms to a country with a tightly repulsed by politicians. Of course, the EU has an odious personality, and some rapidly earn such status, but in Ukraine the percentage of idiots in power is committed to one hundred.

However, problems with knowledge of language, apparently, is all that concerned with "conscious" Ukrainians. Who cares what the official, the main thing that the cat ktom called. However, language problems are characterized not only by being at the helm of the citizens and not the citizens, and even "the strongest army on the continent" uses the Russian language as svidomo patriot to be possible and even necessary, but a dialect may be omitted.

the Circus continues, and apparently the struggle with "bloody moskalsky" the past will continue and expand, and under threat will be red, the famous agricultural tool and hammers of all shapes and colors, for worthless symbols of the USSR to use it. The main thing do not forget to destroy the building, built before independence from common sense in the nineties, and too hypocritical it.