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Kiev pretends to care about "separatists"

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What is behind the proposal of members of Parliament to hold a referendum on the future of Donbass?

the Future, "the fate of Crimea and Donbass Ukrainians want to offer to decide in a national referendum. The initiative comes from the member of Parliament of Victoria syumar lasses "independent savvy", from the political camp of the head of the NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov (in the initial stage of post-Maidan Ukraine she was his Deputy in information security).

" from these facts of the biography of the famous nationalist is easy to understand that tender feelings to the "renegades, separatists," it is a priori to experience can't. And yet, on the eve of the TV channel "112 Ukraine" syumar suddenly called all the talk about the imminent return of Crimea and Donbass in the bosom of Kiev "shapkozakidatelskie", as reported by "Politnavigator".

According to the Deputy, in the near — five-year — term to return these areas is unlikely. In addition, in the Donbass "it is necessary to invest huge resources". And the population of Donbass, which, as expressed by Sumar, "these two years were processed by Russian propaganda," hate Ukraine. Although she does not consider it an obstacle to submitting the question of how Ukrainians see the future of Donbass, to a referendum. And I'm sure on, "proceeding from the will of the people", it will be possible to build a policy towards the mining region.

Even if you do not focus on the proposal itself on the referendum, which in the current environment is more like cheating the game in a democracy, the revelations of Sumar seem immensely cynical.

Because — in fact — these two years the population of Donbass was treated not "Russian propaganda", what she is trying to convince the TV audience, and the Ukrainian aircraft and artillery. That is, things should be called by their names...

— we Need to understand who is, in fact, MS syumar, — commented the Chairman of the Committee of state building of Novorossia, the native of Zaporozhye Vladimir Rogov.

— It systematically, for many years engaged in "dehumanization" of the East of Ukraine. Mid "two-thousand" — after the "orange revolution" — was formally headed by the Institute of mass information — supposedly a human rights organization is absolutely grantoedskuyu.

ten Years ago, when we had met at some press event, I asked why the Institute's website no Russian version. That is, there is a version in Ukrainian, English, French... And not in the language, which is particularly important for residents of Eastern Ukraine — Russian.

the Answer was Russian never will be. For it is their principle. And anyone they happen not to meet too.

with respect to its proposal, it is not the first public politicians postmaydannoy space forced to admit that Crimea and Donbas it is impossible to return. At least, in what is now Ukraine.

— Then what's the point of the idea of a referendum?

Is nothing more than populism and preparation for the upcoming elections, which now are permanent. I recall that recently a similar proposal was made by the Hope Savchenko, which though disappeared from the ethers of the Central Ukrainian channels, but continues to haunt the public consciousness. Savchenko proposed to put to a national referendum the concept of a reboot Ukraine.

the population of Donbass, indeed, there is a great need to say what it thinks. But this power does not perceive it, it is not advised and make decisions - not what is in the best interests of the people living in this area, but on the contrary, most often against them.

Therefore, as "Alaverdi" I would suggest Sumar to hold a referendum on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics, which are not under the control of Kiev. Ask where they see the territory of the former Ukraine in the Eurasian Union, Customs Union or NATO? And General solution is to base the change of the political constitutional system in Ukraine, including Kiev, Lviv, etc.

All these statements about "the fate of Crimea and Donbas" like Sumar policy made exclusively for local consumption. I think they understand that Crimea has long been integrated into Russia. And Donbass greatly in this process is far advanced.

the inhabitants of the DNI and LC will never go to vote for the party "national front", which is representative Sumar. As for other political projects of Kiev, aimed at the incitement of hatred, hatred and dehumanization of people who consider themselves Russian. Or people acting for the Union and rapprochement with Russia.

According to political scientist Alexander Asafov, statements Sumar does not cost anything except personal PR:

— the Verkhovna Rada is in recess. The fourth session is complete, the fifth opens with the sixth of September. That is, it makes no sense to talk about a legislative initiative. This is unsubstantiated, we can say, militaristic statement. That is fairly typical of the current Ukrainian political elites, where such statements certain representatives periodically make. It is not backed by anything. You could call it folk art. But in this case we have a specific author.

let me Remind you that George fat — they have a "Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons in Ukraine" — must submit to a new session of the Parliament in the next few days after its opening, the document on the special status of Donbass. That is, any plan for the Eastern territories to the Ukrainian government, despite the stalemate that has developed with the "Minsk-2" and "channel format too.

No referendum will not, because for him there is no subject.

— please Explain?

— From the point of view of Ukrainian anti-Russian viewpoint, Crimea should be returned with the help of international pressure, including sanctions. But not the military. As they objectively understand that a second front in the Crimea for them is a defeat for several hours.

as for the Donbass, a policy of delay and prevarication from the implementation of measures of the Minsk agreement, Kiev will continue, I think, in the coming year. Of course, standing with hands on our country. They say, "this is Russia does not want the agreements put into practice", and "we wholeheartedly ready."

— But if you imagine — hypothetically — that such a referendum will be held, will it have legal significance? Since, it is clear that the inhabitants of the DNI and LC are unlikely to give the opportunity to speak on it.

— You look for logic in life. That is, of course, in theory, they can spend the time. You can even declare legitimate. To accept the results. And even to show them to the world community.

However, from the point of view of international law, of course, all of this would not have any legal value. It will cost you less than the paper on which are printed the results. Another thing is that in the world of political schizophrenia, which arrives today, the ruling Ukrainian elite, in principle, everything is possible.

the Director of Fund "Ukrainian policy" Kost Bondarenko, commenting on the idea of a referendum in Facebook, drew some historical Parallels:

— Kiev looking for compromise on the Evian scenario: in March 1962 the French President Charles de Gaulle in Evian agreed with the leader of the separatists, the Algerian Ahmed Ben Bella on the referendum, which should put an end to the bloody war (by then the French terminology "operations to restore public order") and to determine the future status of Algeria.

don't like to quote myself, but in June of last year I posted on the "Commander in chief" article (actively criticize patriots) "Ukraine: between Dayton and Evian. The main thesis of the article: Ukraine will decide the fate of Donbass Evian scenario (referendum), or the fate of Ukraine will be decided the mighty of this world without considering the opinion of the Ukraine (the Dayton scenario for Bosnia and Herzegovina 1995).

Obviously, I did not discover America and similar plans were born not only in my head. Question: what prevented to more actively discuss the possibility of a compromise in the Donbass a year ago? It was necessary to wait, when loomed the specter meeting in Beijing, which will discuss the issue of Ukraine without Ukraine (in fact, the hint of Dayton), to suddenly think about Evian?

Well, if you have started to talk about the various place names, I think many will not be superfluous to recall the Hague — said Kiev political analyst.