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Identification Yandex Money in Ukraine. Means of verification purse. — webmaster, website, web 31.08.2016 at 18:49

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Identification Yandex Money in Ukraine, you may need at any time, even those who are not currently thinking about this. Because the system is developed, covering more users.

And there are times when physically you must have a verified account to receive a transfer from another user of Yandex Purse.

Yandex Purse need to identify because in 2014 (may) came into force the law, one way or another related to all users and operators of electronic money.

If earlier it was possible to work with the system "Yandex Money" having an anonymous account, which was substantially restricted in scope, now this is not possible.

to work with Yandex Money you need to sign a contract with Yandex directly, this is easy to do, you need to have an identified Yandex Purse.

So the conclusion is you either need to authenticate, or using a Yandex Wallet will be impossible.

scheme to be identified

the Problems of users without identification in Yandex Money

One user has shared his problem, the translation of the account which he sent to another user Yandex of Money he can get. Long used Yandex a Purse, to the adoption of the above laws. But I can't, the payment hangs, the system prompts you to accept or decline, press accept, it POPs up a message with regret that a translation can only be verified by the user. And the Supplement, they say you have time of 30 days, if not accept, the funds will be returned to the sender automatically. Well if the sender is familiar to you or just a decent person. But if things are not so optimistic?

In the case of user, the sender turned out to be decent, so the question among themselves, they decided he had to press the button to Refuse, and the money returned to the sender on Yandex Purse, after which he paid off via wire transfer.

But it does not always happen smoothly, so it's best to think about such situations in advance because you never know which side they will come. For example, you engaged in buying and selling websites or domains, and there made a bid in the Yandex Money and you only work with WebMoney...

speaking of Webmoney, all users of Webmoney Ukraine remember the events of the past few years, when the site don't withdraw money, and resumed its work in March 2014. Who do not know or have forgotten:

At the time there was no alternative, and all users had to use money changers who were taking properly. I think many thought at the time that it would be good suddenly there was an alternative method of electronic money. And now he has remained only to be identified, therefore we proceed directly to consideration of possible passing options identification Yandex Money in Ukraine.

the Methods of identification in Yandex Money.

the Identification Yandex Money in Ukraine is possible in several ways. The options that you "applied for a loan in a Russian Bank" or "if you have a card Bank of development" (why, if you are a citizen of Ukraine) and you can check this through the "credit Bureau Equifax", will not be considered as a method virtually impossible. Was at the time of treatment in support of "Yandex Money" and "Equifax", but at that time there was no solution, and "Bank Open" was not working in Ukraine. So these methods for the Ukrainians not suitable, but the good thing there is a real options, including a visit to the office, and sending a notarized signature, and even a new method of verification — via Skype!

the Identification Yandex Money in Ukraine through an agent. Download application form and fill it. To avoid errors, it is better to copy from the site. Print out the request in two copies, take passport and go to the office of our agent for identification. The agent will take your statement and take a copy of your passport. Within 10 working days on the home page you will see a link to confirm. Click on the link and carefully review the data. If everything is correct, confirm your identity with a password. If somewhere an error, please email us (select subject "Identification").

At the time of this writing, the offices available in the following cities: Kiev, Donetsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Sevastopol, Simferopol, Cherkasy. On the website Yandex Money provided that the list will grow.

the Identification Yandex Money in Ukraine, the statement in the mail.

For a number of reasons the opportunity to go to another city to visit the office, is not at all. But that's not the problem, the application can be send by courier or mail.

first you need to download the form, fill it out and print.

Then you need to have one of the conditions:

you will assure at the notary and attach a copy of the main pivot of the passport (with photo) and registration page (if any);

your signature on the application will certify the notary.

After notarization, it is possible to package the document in an envelope and send to the office of Yandex Money:

the Post — 119021, Moscow, and/I 57, OOO NPO "Yandex.Money."

by courier — in the Moscow office of Yandex.Money (St. Leo Tolstoy, D. 18B)

Now we have to wait a month and a half, and then in the office of Yandex Money appears the notification and a link to confirm.

the Identification Yandex Money in Ukraine through the service Obmenka.

Service Obmenka is the official representative of Yandex Money in Ukraine. Its advantage is that identify the people of Ukraine can in the shortest possible time — from 3 to 20 working days. The cost of the service at the time of writing about 100 hryvnia. The process of identification is fairly simple. You must do the following:

— register on the service website Obmenka. By the way, they recommend to use Google Chrome browser;

— then you need to fill online application form, upload scanned copies of documents and click "Continue".

— pay services, it can be done directly on the website.

After these manipulations it is mandatory you must obtain a special code. To do this, call the number listed on the website phone, and the employee will report. When all requirements have been completed, you will need to verify your identity. You will need to come to the office with identity documents. Then you have to wait from 3 to 20 working days. In your profile, Yandex Money, you'll be asked for confirmation.

be careful to verification of the specified data, whether there where any errors. If present, you should contact customer support of the website, and fix it. Final identification takes place at a personal meeting in the office of the partner POISON ( the city and the addresses specified on the service website). The agent will need to inform the number of your application, you will see him in his office when filling out all the necessary identification data.

At the time of writing Obmenka has branches (offices) in the cities of Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Lvov, Kherson, Sumy, Vinnytsia, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog.

the Identification Yandex Money in Ukraine through the service Verify.

Another method of identification using the site

you can Go one of two ways.

the First is to contact the office of the partner company to the address specified on the website (Kiev).

the Second, preferred by many owners of purses in the POISON on Skype. By calling, you can pre-enroll. You can also write to e-mail service or directly on the website will complete the form, indicating the contacts that you can reach the employee.

by the Way, without preliminary discussions or correspondence the meeting will not be deemed to be appointed, so it is better to call or write in order not to delay the process.

Documents for identification.

To identify the office when you must have the following documents:

— completed questionnaire of the client;

— the original of your passport.

Identifying on Skype does not require your presence in the office of the agent. You need to contact the Manager on Skype, specified on the website. Before you do, be sure to prepare a scan of your passport and a scan of the completed questionnaire.

Next, you will need to pay for the service according to the tariffs and to confirm payment. Then sent to the office of the service profile of the client any of the list method of sending.

the identification Process will begin only after the office of the service received all the necessary documents.

The cost at the time of writing is 10 wmz when you visit the office, and 20 wmz for identification on Skype.

the good news is that opportunities pass identification Yandex Money in Ukraine is becoming more and more available to the user.

Record the Identification Yandex Money in Ukraine. Means of verification purse. first appeared - webmaster, site, web.

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