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Group Vkontakte — webmaster, website, web 01.09.2016 at 19:39

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Vkontakte Groups

In Runet (Russian segment of the Internet) today on the list of most popular sites is the social network Vkontakte. It was created to unite people with similar interests. In this social network you choose to have a page or group. In fact, they are called, or group Vkontakte.

what is the difference page from the group Vkontakte? We offer you to look into this important issue.

1. The definition of groups and pages

Page Vkontakte also called card where the user can tell and according to the information provided find his friends and acquaintances. Besides, creating a public Facebook page, you can share news, new products, thus attracting audience from the social network, interacting with her.

the Facebook Group is formed based on a variety of subjects, she aims to unite like-minded people. The group can be created just for communication. But most of the creators of the groups in this popular social networking site intended to advertise a product or service to make money. The first group is the most interesting feature of social networks. The number of groups is constantly growing so the user Vkontakte and implemented page. The group appeared much earlier pages.

2. A comparison of the features of pages and groups Vkontakte

the Main difference of the group from the page lies in its accessibility to all, including those in the social network is not registered. But with the group all the way — it is possible to use your own discretion. It can be closed from other users. You can do open to all users without restrictions, and you can set the status to "private" groups to which access will be possible only at the invitation of the leaders.

Design. It can be changed exclusively in groups, for example, make a block of news. The same page allows you to change only the logo, and the design is not. Interface pages is subjective a bit easier than groups.

3. The main difference between pages and groups

Each user of the social network VK under your profile photo can see the menu of Interesting pages. There is displayed 5 most visited pages. If the page you created will be in that Top users with the highest number of friends, then, of course, will be able to get more traffic to the page. The group has no such opportunity.

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