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Detained defendant in the case Shakro police complained about the pressure of the FSB 01.09.2016 at 19:53

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The Corridors of a Moscow detention center No. 4, which contains Ildar Shakirov

Photo: Alexey Filippov/RIA Novosti

witness to the shooting on Rochdelskaya street in Moscow, the police Shakirov needs to protect him from the pressure of the FSB. The materials of the case against him let you know the facts of the sensational story in which he was arrested generals TFR

Detective ATS "Presnya" Ildar Shakirov requires to check the actions of the employees of the Department "M" FSB. As told RBC lawyer police officer Eduard Ohanyan, on Tuesday, he filed two complaints against their actions to the military Prosecutor and management of own safety of FSB.

Shakirov participated in the arrest of lawyer Edward Budantseva, became famous after the shooting on Rochdelskaya street. The police were later arrested on charges of negligence.

"Fighters from the chef"

According to investigators, the evening of December 14, 2015 Lieutenant Shakirov came to answer a distress call in the Elements restaurant on Rochdelskaya street, but did not stop disassembly with shooting.

As can be seen from transcripts of audio recordings (RBC), restaurants, first came the representatives of the contractors, accompanied by the guards of the chop. Going into the VIP room, men were presented by Nicolay and demanded that the owner Jeanne Kim paid 8 million roubles — according to them the lady didn't pay off designer Fatima Misikova, and she with them.

"what are you bodies, or are you lawyers?" — asked Jeanne. "I'm a lawyer," said one of the newcomers. "This is legal" he said about his comrades.

After their appearance Janna started to call the police, but the first call made to his friend, who then calls the "boss." Replacing the receiver, she said, "Now for another charge at the soldiers from my boss. Everything is fine".

After that, the restaurant to protect Kim, the lawyer came Edward Budantsev with three friends. On the street he collided with a security officer nearby OVD Shakirov, who arrived on a call. Previously these were sent immediate response, but nothing was done, and after the arrival Shakirov left, the lawyer says Ohanyan.

on the street Budantsev Shakirov told that he is himself a former policeman, came to support the owner and showed the certificate of the pensioner of the Ministry of interior, said Ohanyan. But the question, who invited him to a cafe, Budantsev police answered evasively — "a good man".

Kim is also the first time saw Budantseva, says Ohanian. According to him, in a cafe she took Shakirova aside and quietly asked: "Who are these people?"

Later Budantsev and Kim repeatedly said in interviews that the first and earlier represented the interests of the second, tell RBC two sources close to the investigation. But Shakirov says in his testimony that they did not know, said Ohanyan. This is confirmed by the audio recording of negotiations, which made Kim, and the interlocutor of RBC familiar with Budanceva.

the Detention in the attic

According to the lawyer Shakirov, when his principal left the cafe to go to another call, in the VIP-room negotiations continued. Shakirov sat in a police car, but didn't manage to drive and a few minutes later, he was asked to return: the situation escalated.

At this time, the negotiators went outside and continued the conversation already with voices raised. As later has established a consequence, by the time the negotiations on the payment of the debt came close to the authoritative businessman of Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Young) Andrei Kotunov (Italian) and his associates.

As told RBC one of the friends Budantseva, the lawyer said the Italian that does not respect the "suit of thieves" and first got the gun.

this is What, according to the interlocutor of the Agency, and provoked the beginning of the fight. The people of the Italian rushed to Budantseva, and he began to shoot, first shot wounded his companion Romana Malakaeva, but did not stop, but continued shooting (video shooting later actively spread in social networks).

At this time, the restaurant went back to the police car, which jumped Shakirov and ran to the fighters. The lawyer insists the police that saw Budantsev fired on unarmed people, and then together with his two comrades began to run away through the back exit.

at the same time with Shakirov on a scene there arrived big group capture. Detaining those who were near the cafe, the police ran to find Budantseva. Shakirov and his colleagues found Budantseva and Peter, Kostrichenko in the attic of a nearby building, where they dragged the wounded Malakaeva, says Ohanian. The police were almost ten people, and Budantsev during the arrest did not resist. But he said Shakirov if he won't let him go, "he would have problems," says the defender.

Your employee

the night after the showdown in the police station "Presnya", which brought Budantseva, the control "M" of the FSB, recounts the testimony of his client's Ohanian. "They said that Budantsev their employee and demanded his release," — said the lawyer. But the police handed the detainee investigators of SKR (investigation Department for CAO), who immediately held a formal identification Budantseva. Witness was detective Shakirov, who has officially identified Budantseva, as the shooter.

Now Budantsev only one defendant, who after the events on Rochdelskaya were not included in the detention facility. In December Presnensky court of the capital at the request of the investigation placed him under house arrest in his apartment in the capital centre on Cook street, directly opposite the Supreme court.

it was only after his complaints to management "M" of the FSB, said the source close to the investigation, and was arrested Shakro and generals TFR — head of the main Department of own safety of the RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko, his Deputy Alexander Limonov and Deputy head of a capital Central Board Denis Nikandrov. On the basis of complaints and conducted all operational development Shakro and generals. According to investigators, senior officials of the TFR for the money was going to reclassify the charge approximate Shakro.

Budantsev But he also expects the reclassification of his accusation. As told RBC sources close to the investigation of his case, now the prosecution is seriously discussing the possibility to mitigate his article with murder (article 105 of the criminal code) in excess of necessary defence (article 108 of the criminal code). And if he could face life imprisonment for double murder, in the case of a reclassification, the maximum penalty may be only three years imprisonment.

the identity of the FSB

When inspecting the crime scene the police found the identity of the FSB in the name of Budantseva. The record of this is in the official record of the search which was conducted in a cafe in the night of 15 December, the staff of the police station "Presnya" says a source close to the investigative team. But the certificate itself subsequently disappeared from the case as mobile phone Budantseva, says another source in law enforcement.

As told RBC one of his former colleagues, Budantsev never officially served in the FSB. It is known that he started working in the 9th Directorate of the KGB — engaged in the protection of the first persons, including Eduard Shevardnadze. Then worked in the police under the leadership of Vladimir Rushailo.

In 2009 received the status of lawyer, the official registry of the chamber of advocates of the Moscow region. Now he is the head of the Collegium of advocates "Dictatorship of law". In the College almost all the employees are ex-law enforcement officials says one of their former colleagues.

the Lawyer Budantseva Maxim Borisov, and his staff of the Board of the "Dictatorship of the law", refused to talk with RBC. RBC failed to obtain and review the FSB.

the Status of a lawyer does not allow him to be a member of the security forces, says an RBC attorney Timur Huta. "But I heard that there were cases when employees of special services have the status of lawyer to cover," says Futami.

it is Also possible that the identity was retirement, as it was stated the real name of Budantseva, says the source RBC, close to the security services. Pension certificate FSB a little different from the identity of existing employees, says a spokesman, but in the documents of existing agents, as a rule, does not specify the real name and surname.

As told RBC a source close to the intelligence services, management of "M" is one of the most secret and privileged of the FSB and reports directly to the Director Alexander Bortnikov. This unit investigates crimes committed by police.

the TFR against the FSB

After a month and a half after the events on Rochdelskaya, in January 2016, in respect Shakirov was prosecuted. He was arrested on charges of negligence (part 3 of article 290 of the criminal code).

According to the investigation, Shakirov, as well as the district Rinat Zinatullin not responded to the complaint and Kim made a fire. If he is found guilty, he faces imprisonment of up to seven years.

Now field investigators of management "M" to go in camera to Shakirov (he is in Moscow SIZO No. 4 in Medvedkovo) and demand that he pleaded guilty, the lawyer says the police Minister.

As explained Ohanyan, confession Shakirova need in order to alleviate the fate of Budantseva, as a police officer is one of the important prosecution witnesses in the lawyer: he was not only arrested Budantseva, but was present at his lineup. If the officer is found guilty, it would cast doubt on his testimony against Budantseva and identify him as the shooter, said Ohanyan.

the defense Shakirova intends to prove that the staff of the "M" pressure Shakirov. Lawyers are asked to limit client visits of the FSB and the nip, as stated in the complaint to the military Prosecutor's office (there RBC), their unlawful actions.

Two weeks ago with the complaint to the staff of the "M" appealed the Deputy head of management of own safety of the RCDS Alexander Limonov. As told RBC his lawyer Olga Lukmanova, he wrote a letter to the chief military Prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky. Limonov asked prosecutors to investigate the actions of the employees of the Department "M" FSB and to establish on what basis they listened to talks by senior investigators.

the Wiretapping negotiations Lamonova with his boss Mikhail Maksimenko is one of the key evidence in their case. During the conversation they discuss the possibility of transferring money from Shakro in the investigation Department of Central administrative DISTRICT of Moscow for the liberation of the Italian.

In turn, the Deputy head of a capital Central Board Denis Nikandrov wrote a letter to the Chairman of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin, asking to take the investigation into his Affairs, FSB investigators, and pointed out that in the current situation there is a conflict of interest.


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