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Microdermabrasion — gentle skin polishing facial

The territory of beauty Norm 04.09.2016 at 23:30

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Is One of the professional methods of skin rejuvenation is microdermabrasion. It is a modern method of simultaneous exfoliation and skin resurfacing with abrasive material, presented in the form of microparticles of a powder of aluminum oxide. Affecting the skin, the micro particles to clean clogged pores and remove dead skin cells. The result is enhanced cell regeneration, improve blood circulation, improving skin tone. This is a very effective but gentle method in comparison with other types of resurfacing of the face.

the Advantages microdermabrasia that the physician-dermatologist is able to directly control the grinding process during the whole procedure — force, pressure, angle of touch sandblaster. This contributes to non-mechanical treatment of the surface of the skin, given the professionalism of the doctor ensures the desired result. The procedure is painless, not requiring anesthesia, as processed by the upper layers of the epidermis.

Microdermabrasion recommend for sensitive skin which chemical peels are contraindicated due to allergic reaction to acid. This procedure helps to remove shallow scars after the acne scars, hyperpigmented areas, clean the skin pores, even the skin's surface. Especially effective help for rough epidermis under the influence of sunlight. As a result, the skin becomes smoother, improves its color and tone, small wrinkles disappear.

the Doctors skin care clinics will face polishing with microdermabrasion with all the indications for the procedure. After the procedure is necessarily performed intense hydration of the skin with special masks and creams that do not contain acid. The course is chosen individually, as follow-up care. The result is noticeable after the first session, it is recommended to consolidate up to six visits. The method can be performed not only on the face but also in the décolleté, neck and dorsum of the hands.