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From July to September, the price of memory will rise 08.09.2016 at 15:33

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Author: Gennady Detinich

the Analytical unit trading platform DRAMeXchange TrendForce about the price of computer memory knows firsthand. TrendForce company is engaged in the wholesale contracts for DRAM, so always keeps its finger on the pulse of the market. So if you are going in the near future to buy memory modules for upgrading your PC to DRAMeXchange findings should be very carefully heeded. Experts notice that from 6 June, spot prices of DDR3 chips are 512×8 began to grow. Also this caused a tendency to higher prices for chips with DDR4. As negotiations on the supply of major OEM customers are still ongoing, there is a likelihood of further price increases, which have long been in this market was observed.

the Expected stabilisation of wholesale prices for DRAM chips in the third quarter of this year will mean that the decline in memory prices has reached its bottom. This decline lasted for 19 consecutive quarters (nearly five years!) and seriously affected the revenue profile of companies. So, in may of this year the average sales price of DDR4 chips fell to $1.31 for the body, and the DDR3 chips and the lower — to $1.25. Since the beginning of July, luckily for manufacturers, the purchasing prices began to rise.

Current rise in memory prices due to the expected recovery in the PC market at the end of the holidays and the close start of the new generation of smartphones Apple — iPhone 7/7 Plus, as well as the activity of the Chinese manufacturers of smartphones. It is expected that the iPhone 7/7 Plus will be equipped with 2 GB and 3 GB of RAM that will sweep the market with a significant part of the manufactured mobile DRAM. Manufacturers of memory, by the way, this moment felt and already moved some production lines with the release of PC DRAM to mobile.

to transfer the production to LPDDR3 and LPDDR4 will not be the only tool to combat the overproduction of DRAM. For example, manufacturers of memory will reduce the rate of increase in the production of memory in terms of bits. This means that the production of larger chips will be reduced. In particular, it is to save on multichip solutions, allowing you to pack in one case quite a lot of crystals. In good years every year in terms of bits produced by the memory capacity has grown at 30-50% a year. This year, DRAMeXchange has already lowered the forecast annual increase in bit rate from 25% to 23.1 %. In 2017, even such an increase would be a luxury but the increase falls below the level of 20 % for the year.

one More factor that will allow to stabilize the prices of DRAM, will be the reduction of capital investments in the modernization of production. The transition to the new processes will slow and manufacturers will be able to return the invested funds. It is especially important that the further decrease of technological norms of production becomes extremely expensive. For example, to master the production with the norms of 20 nm could only Samsung, whereas, Micron and SK Hynix still can't reduce the level of marriage below a critical level. In General, analysts say that the measures taken or planned by the DRAM manufacturers steps will help in 2017 to bring back the memory of the "fair" price.


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