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The annual message of the Petro Poroshenko

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Annual message of Peter Poroshenko to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, held yesterday, Tuesday, this year never came out as enchanting. Seems a little stunned even familiar to all Ukrainian media.

No, everything seems to be fine. All the troubles of Ukraine, undoubtedly, solely to blame, the Russian Federation. But, here, for example, as "aggressive closure of Russia's market has become Ukraine's economic shock. It cost us, according to some estimates, at least fifteen billion dollars. We lost dozens, if not thousands of jobs. And this economic aggression is one of the main reasons for the sharp decline in living standards" compatible with the national pride with the officially published with the signature of Peter I documents for a cessation of military-technical cooperation with Russia, it is impossible to understand.

it was the "Commissar", the military-industrial cooperation with Russia, and was one of the main items of bilateral trade. And somehow it is very strange looks of the wine of the Russian Federation that Peter A. this economy personal signature banned.

secondly, Mr. President, somewhere managed to consider sortoprokatnyj the growth of exports to the European Union, from what had already stunned the West. For such an aggressive seizure of their erratic lately markets from the Ukrainian side in Europe as something not even imagined.

thirdly, according to the President of Ukraine, in the East of the country are almost 38,5 thousand and 2.3 thousand units of equipment "occupation forces", including 600 tanks, 750 artillery systems and 300 reactive systems of volley fire.

That is, the at least two reinforced motorized rifle division. And sour so strong, not one tank regiment.

considering the medical fact that in 2016, armed with Russian tanks is 2700 (10 200 cars are on the preservation and storage), occupy the East of Ukraine more than a fifth of all the Russian "armored fist". High honor.

However, East of Kiev this statement Peter I no one was surprised: already used.

it is not Surprising that among the post-revolutionary achievements Poroshenko calls "de-communization", which was demolished more than two hundred thousand only monuments to V. I. Lenin (by which what is called "Ukrainian statehood" in General came to light).

...the Problem of Ukraine is, in General, not the case.

the Problem this poor area is that the US in General usually sucks manage the lands of its satellites. And not because they are bad managers, not at all. Just the internal Affairs of its satellites never considered the headache of the City on the hill. Friendly tribes should sit quietly, breathe smoothly and do what they say, the rest is their "internal Affairs." Examples there are plenty, and almost all of them are located in Latin America, where the most convenient management tool for the United States has always been considered – Yes, that is the "junta". Quite able to build the necessary sovereign foreign policy and to keep under his rule of the impoverished, as a rule, the population and help to further the robbery, not forgetting, of course, and your own personal interest. And the Toolkit is at the discretion. Until "death squads", which in complete analogy with any Latin American dictatorship the last century degenerate today, some "power structures" of the same in Ukraine.

Well, if "the tool works", what sense something to invent?

Here, they did not invent, whatever Peter A. Poroshenko from the rostrum in his feverish, apparently, delirious, his own deputies and did not speak. Because his case is like the case of some of Somoza, in the famous words of one Soviet journalist, "sit in your Villa and slowly pull your end." And no other businesses, and prospects at this "Kyiv Vlada", in General, and was not originally.