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How to choose a massage oil

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If you are planning something special for yourself and your partner, or just want to help your partner to relax, then you can give him a massage. In this article we will look at how to choose the right oil.

When it comes to massage your partner, no matter sensual massage or a session of stress relief, the thing that is sometimes overlooked — a good oil. Oil is an important part of massage, it helps to increase the slide. You can do massage without fear of accidentally damage their partner's skin.

If you want to mix your own oil, you will need two ingredients: essential oils that help to protect the skin and base oil (base) . The three most common bases are: sweet almond oil, avocado and grape seed oil. Sweet almond oil is ideal for relieving dryness and irritation of the skin. It will appeal to people with sensitive skin. Avocado oil contains many vitamins that are perfectly absorbed. The grape seed oil is a wonderful base, it's very light, and therefore suitable for mixing with other oils. Another advantage: it is suitable for all skin types.

have Selected any basic oil suits best for you and your partner — then time to choose which essential oils you add. When choosing, you need to remember two things: you want to be sure that the oil is safe for skin, but even if so – apply it neat to the skin is not worth it. Getting essential oils directly on the skin will cause irritation.

When choosing essential oils, you have many options. One of the most popular — lavender. It is suitable if your partner is restless or often experiences stress, it's essential oil helps the body to relax. If your partner likes the smell of lavender, you can use chamomile for the same purpose. In addition, chamomile helps to relax muscles. Other essential oils that will help reduce anxiety and stress — it's Jasmine, sandalwood and sage. If your partner often, sore muscles, essential will be the essential oil of black pepper, mint and rosemary.

once you have selected the appropriate essential oils, you will naturally want to mix it with your transport oil. In the beginning we would recommend mixing a small amount of oil — if you like, you can always increase the dosage, but if you overdo it, it will be difficult to balance. You can get creative and mix several essential oils together to create your own flavors, but if you dare, we recommend doing this in test mode: fill the base oil a small Cup and add essential, so you do not spend much, if you have a flavor that you do not like.

When it comes to buying good oil, you pay attention to the ingredients list. It is usually a mixture of several base oils with aromatic. Among the available massage oils, you should pay attention to the massage oil (candle) Lelo Ono. Oil listed in the ingredients, although simple, is very beneficial for the skin. You want to know what apply.

ONO massage candle lemongrass (Lelo) If you are unsure if you are allergic to something, we would recommend you do a skin test. To do this, apply a little oil on your wrist or inner side of the elbow, leave the area of the skin open within twenty-four hours, and do not rinse the oil during this time. If You have any itching, swelling or redness, the oil does not suit you. We recommend you to check it for any new oil that you plan to use.Your partner is also desirable to make a sample in advance. But if advance failed, the samples still should not be neglected. While this may reduce the charge of sensual pleasure, which you wanted to give to a partner much worse, if will make your loved one a massage oil to which he is allergic.

also, you should be acquainted with other oils , which are represented in our store and you are sure to pick up the oil, which podhoit.

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