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Samsung Galaxy S8 can also get rid of the 3.5 mm connector 15.09.2016 at 17:15

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Author: Konstantin khodakovskiy

Apple said that a departure from the traditional 3.5 mm audiohead due to the courage of the company, which has always allowed her to go forward. However, even before the release of iPhone 7 some manufacturers of Android smartphones have ceased to equip their decisions by this interface in favor of USB-C (example is the Moto Z, as well as Chinese devices like LeEco). Given all this, perhaps the 3.5 mm connector is really time to go?

it Seems that the question is only, what company will be next? Quite possibly, Samsung. At least, this resource tells Digital Music News referring to their own informants. It is alleged that the Galaxy S8 will lose traditional audiogate, but instead to rely on the USB-C port, the company is mulling the creation of its own are not compatible with devices from other companies of the connector.

in Other words, the Korean tech giant is going to crank out roughly the same as that made Apple a mobile device which uses its own Lightning interface instead of USB variations. The emergence of the proprietary connector on the world's most popular manufacturer of Android-devices will significantly complicate the situation: manufacturers will have to produce headphones for 3.5 mm connector, USB C, for Lightning, wireless Bluetooth headset and in addition to its own format Samsung.

But this move will allow Samsung to control to a certain extent the market of accessories for their mobile devices and increase profitability. However, the Korean company, according to rumors, is developing a new interface that addressed the shortcomings of the 3.5 mm jacks, as available to all manufacturers, free or very cheap from the point of view of licensing. If the benefits of the standard Samsung will be obvious (at least from the point of view of reducing the thickness of the device), such connectors may subsequently appear in smartphones from other manufacturers. In any case, until it is only rumours.


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