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Samsung suspend sales and recall the Galaxy Note7 after ignition batteries 26.09.2016 at 19:30

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Author: Anton Tests

Samsung Electronics has suspended sales of its new smartphone Galaxy Note7, and plans to withdraw already sold the device after the appearance of reports of spontaneous combustion of the battery. In addition, the start of sales of Galaxy Note 7 in several countries, including the UK and Russia, postponed at least until mid-September. The causes of the problems, apparently, lie in the battery. Since the start of sales on fire 35 devices.

Samsung 19 Aug started selling the Galaxy Note7 in the United States, Canada, South Korea and some other countries. According to Korean television, 24 August at various forums in South Korea, there were reports that the flagship can catch fire and even explode while recharging the battery. The first of September the manufacturer has confirmed in an interview with The Korea Times that the incidents were, and the company has already received the damaged vehicles in the near future will determine the cause of the problem.

"We got mobile phones, which our clients tell us that erupted during charging to determine the cause," — said the representative of Samsung earlier this week.

Samsung Galaxy Note7

on the Morning of Friday, the company released an official statement, where he acknowledged the problem and said that since the start of sales nearly two weeks ago received 35 reports of an explosion and/or ignition of the battery. As a result, the company suspends sales of Galaxy Note7 around the world and plans to replace the already purchased vehicles in the coming weeks.

the Burnt Samsung Galaxy Note7

Samsung Galaxy Note7 is one of the first devices of the company, which uses the USB Type-C for data transfer and recharging. The device is equipped with a lithium-ion battery capacity of 3500 mAh, which is provided by several third-party manufacturers, including Samsung SDI and Dongguan ITM Electronics. Earlier Galaxy Note used batteries and other providers — for example, Panasonic and Toshiba.

According to Samsung Electronics, the problem with spontaneous combustion is unserviceable battery, however the company isn't saying which of its suppliers has supplied defective batteries and can users choose to replace them with quality. Apparently, despite the fact that the Galaxy Note7 use different computing platforms in the models for different markets (Samsung Exynos 8890 worldwide and Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 for models sold in the United States, Canada, China and Japan), the batteries from different suppliers are installed in all versions of devices, and therefore any machine with a faulty battery can catch fire, regardless of the country of purchase.

Battery Samsung Galaxy Note7. Photo iFixit

Although 35 smartphones of several hundred thousand sold for almost two weeks devices are hundredths or thousandths of a percent, the presence of the marriage a serious blow to the reputation of Samsung. Usually companies try to prevent substantial damage to the flagship smartphones, but the desire to put the maximum number of devices and start of the delivery period often fail manufacturers.

For example, the widely known cases with defects at the screens for the latest iPhone the first wave of production. However, the problems with batteries the Galaxy Note7 can get many buyers of these smartphones to think twice before purchasing. The situation for Samsung is complicated by the fact that next week Apple introduces a new iPhone, and many potential buyers Galaxy Note7 may prefer the products of the American company due to possible problems with batteries in Note7.

the Burnt Samsung Galaxy Note7

Scandal spontaneously combustible batteries is unlikely to be Samsung expensive in terms of losses. Replacement batteries or even devices themselves is hardly difficult and expensive task. Moreover, the manifestation of the problem at the beginning of the life cycle of Galaxy Note7 will allow you to avoid much larger losses in the future (however, if Samsung has suspended the sales after the first message about the fire, it would reduce the extent of the scandal and their own losses). However, reputational costs have already impacted the stock price of Samsung Electronics and Samsung SDI: the first lost at the auction on Thursday 2%, the second at 6.1%, according to Reuters. Although the fall does not seem serious, the capitalization of Samsung for the week fell by $7 billion, which is not too small.

Samsung Galaxy Note7

At the moment, it is unknown how the campaign to replace defective batteries/phones will affect the sales start of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 in Europe and Russia. Approximate date of commencement of sales of the device in our country — on September 16. However, Samsung may postpone the start of sales of Galaxy Note7 in Russia.


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