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SALUS iT600 Smart Home is now available.

Automatics ENG - automation, smart systems, ventilation, lighting 26.09.2016 at 21:00

Automatics ENG - automation, smart systems, ventilation, lighting

Are Pleased to present a new line of automation SALUS iT600 Smart Home. This is a full system smart home control via the Internet from anywhere in the world via a smartphone app or a PC connected to the Internet. Now the system has become even easier with the new SALUS Smart Home app for smartphones on iOS and Android. All system components are wireless devices operating in a modern standard home automation ZigBee.

the system uses a universal Internet gateway SALUS UGE600 Smart Home that connects to your home router and supports up to 100 wireless devices ZigBee line of Smart Home iT600 SALUS and SALUS iT600 last year's version. Now You can not only monitor and control the temperature in the house, to control smart plugs to control the opening of doors and Windows, to video monitoring, but also to create a separate device group for which you can create separate rules working in conjunction.

the application Interface has become much simpler and easier now register the device to the system easier. In one application, You can use an unlimited number of Internet gateways SALUS Smart Home UGE600, and thus to control a single object, and maybe more than one district.

Wireless smart power socket Smart Plug SALUS SPE600, allow you to control any electrical device and control power consumption of each device.

, Wireless magnetic sensors OS600 SALUS will give you the ability to control the opening and closing of doors and Windows, which can be used for security monitoring or with heating control.

In the future, the system SALUS iT600 Smart Home will expand to new devices for smart home control. Now You can start with the Essentials and build your smart home with SALUS iT600 Smart Home at an affordable price!

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