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Samsung will acquire superhydrophobic displays 28.09.2016 at 19:39

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Author: Sergey Karasev

Samsung Electronics has licensed the technology of the formation of so-called superhydrophobic coatings designed to protect the displays of mobile devices and other electronic devices from water, dirt and fingerprints.

the Technique in question, developed by experts oak ridge national laboratory U.S. Department of energy. In the study, as noted, lasted approximately three years.

the superhydrophobic coating Technology involves the formation of a thin transparent layer with a special nanostructure. It is argued that such protection effectively repels water, and with it the particles of dust and dirt. In addition, the coating prevents fingerprints and reduces light reflection.

Samsung plans to use a new development in their smartphones, tabletag, tablets and other gadgets. In the future, the application of technology can be greatly expanded: it is suitable for protecting solar panels, window glass, optics of various devices, etc.


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