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The OSCE noted numerous voting irregularities in Russia 29.09.2016 at 01:22

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election Day

the liberal democratic party received in the state Duma leadership positions over-quota

Yesterday, 16:21

the Kremlin decided to appoint Kiriyenko, Deputy head of the presidential administration

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the OSCE Mission observing the elections in Russia on 18 September, said the increased transparency and orderliness of the voting but noted numerous procedural violations during the counting of votes

In a preliminary report on the results of the elections in Russia, published on Monday, 19 September, the OSCE noted that the campaign was restrained and was accompanied by a number of disorders, despite the increase in transparency.

"Local authorities were seen in the abuse of administrative resources, they are not always treated opponents fairly. Election day generally took place in accordance with the rules, however, numerous procedural violations were noted during the counting of votes", — stated in the joint statement of the OSCE / ODIHR and the OSCE parliamentary Assembly.

the Document is preliminary, a more detailed report on the elections, the OSCE will publish later. The statement noted that Russian regulatory framework creates sufficient grounds for the elections, but the electoral process was under the negative influence of restrictions on fundamental freedoms and political rights, tight control over media and pressure on civil society.

the Head of the observation mission of the OSCE parliamentary Assembly of Marietta Tidei praised the work of the CEC of Russia under the leadership of Ella Pamfilova. According to her, the CEC under the new leadership worked in a transparent and professional manner, earning the trust of stakeholders.

In 97% of polling stations observed the voting process was assessed as "good" or "very good". However, half of them the principle of voting secrecy was somehow violated. Abnormal queues were reported in 12% of the seats. About 45% of the sites were not designed for people with physical limitations. "The leadership of Ella Pamfilova to the Central electoral Commission gave the parties confidence that the elections can go well, although the sluggish nature of the campaign showed a low level of involvement," said Tidey. "I hope that we will soon see more political alternatives and the increased level of participation in discussion," she added.

the report also says that, despite participation in elections 14 parties, the election campaign has turned sluggish. The most notable in the media remained the ruling party. In addition, the four parliamentary parties that dominate the political scene, according to the OSCE, do not offer clear policy alternatives, which restricts the choice of voters. For example, according to estimates by the monitoring group during the election campaign, the candidates have received from 9 to 37% of editorial coverage of leading Federal and regional TV channels, radio stations and Newspapers. The President, the government and officials received the remaining from 63 to 91% coverage, "mostly in a positive tone.

Of the five Federal TV channels ("First channel" "Russia 1", NTV, channel 5, RBC-TV) four dedicated officials and United Russia more time than the rest of the political forces together. A similar situation was learned at the radio station "Vesti FM", while "Echo of Moscow" spoke "to some extent, with critical positions towards the government." All four monitored OSCE's leading Newspapers ("Kommersant", MK, "the Russian newspaper" and RBC) were covered primarily the President, the government and the ruling party".

the Elections to the state Duma. Preliminary results

the Latest data in real time

Moscow responded to the provisions of the preliminary report of the OSCE with a grain of salt. "Today I was surprised to hear that there were some limitations admitted, was somehow poorly organized campaign coverage of political parties' positions who participated in the vote, told TASS Ambassador for special assignments of the Russian foreign Ministry Mikhail Nesterenko. — I believe that this is not true, it's not fair". However, according to the diplomat, Moscow will consider the prepared by the OSCE observers report and give him then a more detailed evaluation.

At the time of writing, the final election results have not yet been announced. According to preliminary data of the CEC, United Russia gained more than 54%. Except the ruling party the five percent barrier for representation in the Duma passed three more parties: the Communist party — more than 13%, LDPR — more than 13% and "Fair Russia" — more than 6%.

out Of 225 seats in single-mandate districts, United Russia received, according to preliminary data, at least 203 of the mandate.


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