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Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM and Microsoft have joined forces for the development of AI 29.09.2016 at 19:48

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Author: Sergey Karasev

IT giants announced the launch of a new project entitled Partnership on AI, intended for resolving of issues and possible problems related to the development of systems of artificial intelligence (AI).

In the initiative participate Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM and Microsoft. It is noted that the objective of the organization Partnership on AI will be a study and formulating recommendations in relation to electronic mind, as well as informing the public about relevant technologies and their impact on people's lives.

the project Participants believe that the artificial intelligence system can greatly improve the quality of life and to help humanity in solving global problems. The new initiative should promote the development of electronic intelligence in the right direction.

In the framework of the Partnership on AI we plan to study the possible impact of AI systems on society and the various spheres of human activity. This will be undertaken ad hoc working groups for different sectors such as health, transport, etc. Each group will study specific applications of artificial intelligence technologies.

the project also intend to organize an open platform for discussion of issues related to the development and implementation of AI systems.


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