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The bully (2014)

Online Cinema 05.10.2016 at 07:11


The plot of the film "Bully": Hollis Wilson is just a hard worker, like to drink and shout, which, after the death of his wife, one brings his sons Jacob and Wessa. The family lives in a small provincial town of the American province, where thirteen-year-old Jacob in the free time to do absolutely nothing. Whiling away the time listening to rock music and driving around on a motorcycle, the guy had the dream to escape from the hole in which he lives, becoming a professional racer.

in addition, exemplary teenager Jacob, as a lover to burn someone's stuff to mess up the car or to commit an act of vandalism does not. Once he engages in the crime of the younger brother, then Hollis is temporarily deprived of parental rights, and Wassa passed under the care of the sisters of his dead wife. Jacob promises to do everything possible to get my brother home. Soon to be held the championship riding a motorcycle. To fulfill the promise, Jacob decides to take part in this dangerous tournament and begins training...

Title: Bully

Original title: Hellion

release Year: 2014

Issued: United States / Across Town Productions, IFC Films, Arts+Labor, Silver Sail Entertainment

Genre: drama, Thriller

Director: kat Candler

starring: Aaron Paul, Juliette Lewis, Josh Wiggins, Dalton Sutton, CAMRON Owens, Dylan Cole, johnny Mars, Walt Roberts, new Zealand's annalie Jeffries

Translation: Professional (full duplication)

Duration: 01:39:01

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