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IDF 2016: new scenarios of the use of technology RealSense, a new version of the camera, platform for developers of UAVs and robots 06.10.2016 at 21:12

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Author: Valery Kosygin

Presentation of Chapter Intel Brian Krzanich, opened the conference, Intel Developer Forum this year was full of announcements of new products. In previous reports from IDF 2016 we talked about a virtual reality helmet Project Alloy and a brief demonstration of the Core of the seventh generation (Kaby Lake). However, most of the novelties presented at the opening of the IDF, is designed for developers of devices and software based on Intel technology.

the 3D-camera RealSense and its capabilities remain one of the Central themes of the IDF for several years. This time Intel introduced a new version of the device RealSense 400, which is more than twice as many coordinate positions to be latched in a second. Workspace capture was also increased more than two times compared with the 300-m family RealSense. The camera supports both indoor and outdoor space.

Working with multiple cameras of the new model is one of the tasks for Intel Joule, a new developer kit, which is based on a powerful SoC with Quad-core Atom processor, graphics processor that can play and capture video in 4K resolution, and wireless adapters IEEE 802.11 ac.

Intel also introduced several integrated products, equipped with a RealSense camera. For example, module Intel Euclid, combining in miniature housing SoC based on Atom processor, 3D camera and a wireless communication interface. Euclid is positioned as a ready platform for creators of robots and all kinds of original inventions.

Project Aero is a computer designed specifically for compact unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). On the Board size with the playing card is a SoC with Quad-core Atom processor, LTE modem, a slot for an SSD, configurable ports of input / output and, of course, the camera RealSense. The product is available on the Intel website for $399, between the third quarter of 2016 until the first quarter of 2017, Intel is going to release its own drone on the basis of Project Aero.

by the Way, the camera RealSense has already found application in the composition of the drone from a third-party manufacturer Yuneec Typhoon H. This machine is available at a price of $1899, with the help of the 3D camera is able to automatically avoid collisions and to lay alternative routes, in-flight obstacle avoidance.

Another use RealSense technology, which Intel said in the opening presentation at IDF — dimensional shooting sports matches. Video stream from multiple cameras installed in the arena, digitized in order for the viewer to consider the action under an arbitrary angle. Intel has already started the practical implementation of this technology on sports fields, and in the future it will be able to find a use at concerts and shooting movies.

So the drone with RealSense camera sees the world

Latest announcements from Intel, which we'll discuss today, is a set of software tools Knowledge Builder Curie. Curie is the most compact computer from Intel and is designed to create devices within the paradigm of the Internet of things (wearable electronics, Autonomous sensors of environmental parameters, etc.). The new program is supposed to solve the problem of increasing volumes of traffic, which generates a Internet of things, due to the process the data on the separate device (as opposed to a fully centralized architecture). Thanks to the Knowledge Builder based gadget Curie will be able to perform such functions as pattern recognition. For the public Knowledge Builder will be available in the first quarter of 2017.


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