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Question: How does the nature of the first mental level interacts at that level, if the level is made of matter A,B,C,D, and entity E,F,G?

Video Nicolai 07.10.2016 at 08:24

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On primary materials, material levels and bodies of the entity (here, the note did not read the books, but that's because asking about the nature of the first mental level; how the nature of the first mental level interacts at that level, if the level is made of matter A,B,C,D, and entity E,F,G? But especially the pictures carefully, this is why I think the picture painted, a lot? in order to show that when we have six areas of our Land, the physical Earth is composed of seven so to speak, and the second area, and so forth, the second of the six, five, four, three and so forth; so, when there is a window between the two areas when we drill a hole somehow in the moment of death and so on, open and go to another level, at that level, not only enough, for example if the second level is that of the earth, I prefer not and so on the astral or mental, and the first, second, third and fourth and so on the material level; at the level of six primary matter is and there is not enough only one with the physical flows to only one primary matter, the third material level, or on the astral — there were two primary matters and only filled two of the primary matter, the third material level, the fourth material, or on the first mental level — there is not enough three matters, and only three flows and their nature are of three primary matters, so as they say together if you will, four primary matter that the sphere is formed and a body which together constitute the seven primary matters are creating, so at the moment there are no contradictions, just do not confuse the sphere and the entity body are two different fundamentally different things; we go on planet Earth, for example it does not mean that we say needs to be inside of it and interact how it interacts, this sphere is the support, just here in detail in the book prescribed just look carefully, the flow and where there is not enough of something in there and flows, something that is already there remains, therefore, bodies have a qualitative difference, if this were not so, the bodies at all levels would be identical to each other — that's all, so just read carefully, no contradiction will not disappear immediately).


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