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Is it safe to use Botox?

The territory of beauty Norm 11.10.2016 at 11:46

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Botox, or so-called "injection of youth", became popular in the USA for a long time. In Europe, they came back after some time. Very actively promoted Botox in the United States and Europe. Many agree on the "injections of youth" and be satisfied. But there are facts, which are deliberately concealed beauticians.

Botox is made from a substance that is excreted by the bacteria botulinum toxin. And this is the strongest poison with paralytic properties. He is the reason that banks with canned mushrooms explode, and if we eat these mushrooms – poisoning, often fatal, or scientifically "botulism", guaranteed. Botox to such consequences, of course, does not result due to the very low concentrations of poison. But Botox is, in fact, one of the components of the poison.

Before Botox was used to relax the paralyzed muscles. Then she decided to try to smooth wrinkles using the property that under the action of Botox, the muscle is unable to contract, and consequently, the wrinkles in this place are not formed. But, this effect is considerably marred by the fact that the desired muscle paralysis from Botox lasts from six months to a year, and a young person is even less. During this time the muscle is subjected to heavy degradation, but the skin continues to fade, moreover, disrupted the blood supply in this place reinforces this fading.

Everything that happens in a relaxed and paralyzed by poison muscle, completely different processes. The first to accumulate forces, the second frantically trying to recover from the damage caused not only to her whole body, as in the neutralization of toxins involved the whole body.

Let doctors assert that Botox is completely safe in minute amounts, but we, as educated people, we understand that the effects of Botox is, in fact, have not yet appeared, because it took very little time since its deployment, only 15-20 years.

the Beauticians are actively promoting the myth that Botox is very beneficial for the psyche, as the "freezing" of emotions. Dutch scientists claim that patients who use Botox, there are neuroses, as emotions can come out through facial expressions and fluttering deep inside. Inside, they begin their destructive activities.