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The most powerful super — powered icebreaker will be developed in Russia

A world on the brink 13.10.2016 at 08:04

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Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that Russia will be created the icebreaker super-class capacity of over 110 MW.

held the conference "International cooperation in the Arctic, new challenges, new vectors of development" Dmitry Rogozin announced the beginning of the development of the icebreaker, who will not be afraid of any ice.

"Today we decide to start developing, while we are talking about the development of the project, but soon will be made final government decision on the establishment of icebreaker super-class, saverglass, icebreaker-leader capacity of over 110 MW," — leads TASS words of Rogozin.

the Icebreaker "Yamal"

he Also said that 150 were selected for priority development projects in the Arctic due for implementation until 2030 with a total value of almost 5 trillion rubles, and the most part of means — about 4 trillion — accounts for off-budget sources.

the Biggest icebreaker in Russia

on 16 June at the Baltic shipyard held a launching the lead atomic icebreaker "Arktika" project 22220", — stated in the message of the enterprise, which is quoted by RIA Novosti.

"the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation" or "Russian Arctic"!?

It was founded in November 2013 on the same Baltic shipyard in St. Petersburg. In honor of its predecessor, the icebreaker is called "Arctic". Versatile two-sedimentary nuclear icebreaker LK-60Ya will be the largest and most powerful in the world. About it reports "Aviles".

According to the project, the length of the vessel will amount to more than 173 meters, width — 34 m, design waterline draught — 10.5 m, displacement — 33.54 thousand tons. It will be the largest and most powerful (60 MW) nuclear icebreaker in the world. The icebreaker will be equipped with double-reactor power plant with the main source of steam from the reactor installation RITM-200 with capacity of 175 MW.

Planned nuclear-powered icebreaker exceeds the most powerful in the world and Russian nuclear icebreaker "Arktika" is almost 2 times.

Thus, designers have been one of the most important stages in the construction of the ship. "Arctic" will be the lead ship of the project 22220 will give rise to the group of nuclear-powered icebreakers, necessary for development of the Arctic and the strengthening of Russia's presence in the region.

at First, the rector of the Nikolo-Bogoyavlensky Naval Cathedral held a baptism icebreaker. Then the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, following the tradition of shipbuilders, broke the champagne bottle on the hull of the submarine.

Next, factory workers have undertaken the cutting of suderinta device, with which the ship was kept on the stocks.

"it's Hard to overestimate what has been done by our scientists, designers, shipbuilders. There is a sense of pride for our country, the people who created this ship," — said Matvienko. She reminded that Russia is the only country with its own nuclear icebreaker fleet, which will allow actively to carry out projects in the Arctic.

"We are entering a qualitatively new level of development of this richest region," she said.

"Seven feet under the keel you, the great Arctic!" — added the speaker of the Federation Council.

In turn, the presidential envoy in the northwestern Federal district Vladimir Bulavin noted that Russia is building new ships, despite the difficult economic situation.

"If you want, it's our response to challenges and threats," — said Bulavin.

the Director General of state Corporation "Rosatom" Sergey Kiriyenko, in his turn, called the descent of the new icebreaker on the water a great victory, and designers, and the Baltic shipyard workers. According to Kiriyenko, "the Arctic" opens up "entirely new possibilities in the field of maintenance of defensibility of our country and solving economic problems."

the Icebreaker "Arktika"

Court project 22220 will be able to conduct convoys in Arctic conditions, punching ice up to three meters. The new ships will provide pilotage of vessels transporting hydrocarbons from fields in the Yamal and gydansky peninsulas, the Kara sea to the markets of the Asia-Pacific region. Two-sedimentary design allows you to use the ship in Arctic waters and in estuaries of polar rivers.

According to the contract with FSUE "Atomflot", the Baltic plant will build three nuclear-powered icebreaker of the project 22220. On may 26 of last year was laid the first serial icebreaker project "Siberia". This autumn it is planned to start construction of a second nuclear-powered icebreaker "Ural".

the contract for the construction of the head icebreaker of the project 22220 between FSUE "Atomflot" and BAS was signed in August 2012. Its value is 37 billion rubles. The contract for the construction of two serial nuclear icebreakers of project 22220 was signed between the BAS and the state Corporation "Rosatom" in may 2014, the value of the contract is 84.4 billion roubles.

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