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Question: Why do black civilizations there is no hell or else working out for what is happening. Or how they were able to reach a zero cycle? How did they become bishops? On of them is that it is not subject to the law of the goddess Retribution?

Video Nicolai 13.10.2016 at 05:20

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(well, first just want to clarify why I decided to answer this question because it can this question not asked this question in principle, and indeed some people can such a question arise and that is an important question, the problem is that people have imposed on again about the idea of levels of development, because the pseudo-Vedic literature of the Hindu, because differently you will not name, because it was all distorted perverted I already gave examples I just didn't mention the name of Mahatma because to why, which are the facts well, who heard me who else knows about this, if interested I can find to listen to, not to be repeated here, so hammered into people's minds that the earth loop is the ceiling, so the roof on is only one absolute, everything is already Nirvana, have all melted and disappeared disappeared, they're in Nirvana, yeah, buzz swim and nothing else, so disappoint, in fact, that with the completion of the planetary cycle this is equivalent to that of the chick to hatch from the nest, the question is if the chick will hatch from the nest, he has become an adult chicken or rooster? of course not, the development of the earth's cycle is not mean that to say those who developed and completed the cycle already completed your high level? this is not high level, is just the zero of the planetary cycle of development and in addition, often many start to go the wrong way just after they came out higher, because having a certain level of ability they start, if they are not ready, they begin to transform, but this is about the same thing that happened with some people who were here at the March seminar last year, which I chose from the audience, which was sensitive and made certain changes, and creating the conditions they perceived the information from other levels and so on and so forth, what do you think some of them are not going to name names, why, only descending from the stage after they first saw something because it was given to them they immediately said, "give me the armless legless I'll grow arms and legs" well you know I like the arms and legs to not grow, had, strangely enough, question if I gave them everything, although I know what and how, but when ampulirovannye and so on, it is a special process, and theoretically it can be done, but the load needs to give this man simply will not stand, he bent from the load much earlier than would grow legs and arms, just in some cases here in Arkhangelsk we were when a small child, kids are much more withstand the load, when the child had underdeveloped fingers under the influence of just fingers began to stir and grow, this was well, no more, but a severed foot hand well, do not had grown, well, I can see such a primitive, you know, but these people then begin to travel around Russia and to treat people, and somehow, once they got what they since childhood, all this owned, that is Lord God, or an angel from heaven came and gave the gift, but I first always say, it is strange and I am not God and not an angel in heaven, so why is it that they have given them now understand, unfortunately, why I have long stopped doing such things, you just need to show that this is not what I once could, and then stopped, because people unfortunately have to be to not only have the instincts of nature ,to transformation to produce the makings here (in the head) he should be the level of thinking, understanding the responsibility of the appropriate level, so at the meeting I said the following, here, first is that people need to prepare ethical, moral, so that people really understood the level of responsibility and so on and so forth, after which you can something to convey, but to transfer just because man by nature has some inclinations there is evidence of hope, even when the first time 1987 came up with the system when I was a naive young green thought that person to give you something well, people just have all the husk, all the dirt needs to fly away and be cleansed and he will be the only unfortunately, that's something that for a long time the society was under the rule of social parasites and under the influence of different types of social weapons, including Christianity and so on and so forth, this led to the fact that very few people even good people with these vices to cope, because that's a warped mentality that is imposed on people unfortunately it leaves an imprint and that imprint is necessary to fight and to fight everyone, and including myself have struggled with certain prints, and continue to fight because it's inevitable no one has ever been perfect and I have to say that when you type the fifth .. the tenth, so I understand that many things really need to be ready for them,so the level of development of the earth's cycle, this does not mean that civilization reached it's advanced civilization, it is the initial stage of civilization only, and the ceiling in the dark of civilizations much higher they can reach the galactic level of development, if you continue such, and then they are already using a practical method, that is parasitic on those who has reached a higher level, using finding methods of capture which I have already wrote, they are parasites on those who do a higher level, thus they use not their opportunities, and the possibility of other, which is certainly not better for those who use for them is as they say a disaster, but nevertheless it does not mean that black here has reached such a level that the earth's cycle, they should be white and fluffy and so forth, this is a zero cycle of development, no more than that so here is a pseudo-belief that achieving could go no farther that the last point in the development of conclusion the end of the earthly cycle of development is again a trap, a logical psychological in order for people to cheat, but it's a long story, not to dwell on it will go further).


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