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Torchlight procession of Ukrainian nationalists in Kiev center 2016 — 74 years of the UPA. Video. Shary.

A world on the brink 14.10.2016 at 20:21

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Today In Kyiv held a torchlight procession nationalists, devoted to the 74-th anniversary of creation of the Ukrainian insurgent army. Or Cover and defender of the Fatherland day in Ukrainian.

members of the Ukrainian nationalist groups, including the banned in Russia organization "Right sector", carried out in Kiev March. On Friday 14 October in the Ukraine celebrates two holidays: the Church of the Intercession and the state defender's Day. Nationalists celebrated the anniversary of the Ukrainian insurgent army, which fought during the great Patriotic war against the Soviet troops. The live broadcast of this event led RT.

the Video of the torchlight procession in Kiev on October 14, 2016:

the President of Ukraine Poroshenko moved the defender of Ukraine on October 14. The decree stated: "the purpose of honoring the courage and heroism of defenders of independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, military traditions and victories of the Ukrainian people".

"the Day of defender of Ukraine on October 14, on Pokrov. It is absurd to celebrate 23 February — day of the aggressor and its occupation forces," — said Poroshenko.

it's a surprise that this day coincided with the day of creation of UPA, and did not neglect to use the Ukrainian fascists. Coincidence?

the Members of the banned in Russia "right sector", Azov and other nationalist organizations, and just joined the people of Ukraine staged a March through Central Kiev, which chanted nationalist slogans and sang the songs of the UPA and chanted offensive slogans against Russia and Novorossia. So according to the Ukrainians it looks like the road to Europe?

the Internet well-Known Ukrainian journalist Anatoly Shary dedicated this day in Ukraine, one of his videos on Youtube channel:

RIA Novosti Ukraine reports that the March passed relatively peacefully, but police opened five criminal cases on the March under article "Illegal weapon handling, fighting supplies or explosives". At the same time, in Rivne and Cherkassy were held torchlight processions in memory of the UPA and the fallen soldiers of ATO. Another torchlight procession Ukrainian Nazis was held in Cherkasy 23.04.2016

Record Torchlight procession of Ukrainian nationalists in Kiev center 2016 — 74 years of the UPA. Video. Shary. first appeared a world on the brink.