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The commander of the militia DND Motorola killed! Chronology. Video.

A world on the brink 16.10.2016 at 19:07

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Motorola killed — He is Arseny Pavlov today was blown up. It is reported by several reputable isdne.

Today 16.10.2016 the commander of the militia DND Motorola was killed. This is the website RT, the Russian spring, the commander of the militia was blown up.

As reported by "Russian Spring" one of the commanders of the Militia, tonight in Donetsk, the Ukrainian terrorists had blown up the legendary commander Arseny Pavlov (Motorola). Information confirmed by several authoritative sources.

RT: According to preliminary data, in Donetsk killed one of the commanders of the militia of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people's Republic Arsen Pavlov with the Callsign Motorola. Information about this has placed the group in "Vkontakte" — NOVOROSSIA First operational.

"we Confirm the death of "Motorola" (Arsen Pavlov). According to preliminary data, the explosive device in the car", — is spoken in the message.

it is Also alleged the death of the commander of the DPR reports "Interfax" citing a source.

Received an official confirmation from the Ministry of defence DND:

According to preliminary data, in the Elevator of the house where lived Arseny Pavlov, an improvised explosive device. Motorola was at this point in the epicenter of the explosion and suffered injuries incompatible with life".

In the assassination is suspected Ukrainian diversionno-prospecting group.

On the TV channel 112 Ukraine has a video in which the representative of the SBU confirmed the killing of the "Motorola" Pavlov Asenia" — Videos:

Letters from Donbas. Zakhar Prilepin is coming to town Motorola

From Wikipedia:

About the biography of Motorola, there is little reliable information. According to his own testimony, expressed in an interview with the newspaper "Tomorrow", he was born in 1983 in the Komi ASSR, in 15 years, lost his parents, and continued education of grandmother. 3 years he served in the 77th separate guards Moscow-Chernigov order of Lenin red banner order of Suvorov brigade of the marine corps as a Communicator, hence his nickname [3] . He served 1 year and seven months, twice participated in counter-terrorist operations in Chechnya, lasting six months each, the highest post — Deputy commander of a platoon [4] . He also outlined the possession of such civilian professions, like a lifeguard (with certification), mramorak-granitic and extruders. On the question of why he was in Ukraine, Motorola responded in the following way [5] :

"boarded the train and came. Did not penetrate. Russian here, here and here. Have already said: as soon as thrown Molotov cocktails on the Maidan in police officers, it became clear to me — all is war. After the Nazis declared that for every will kill ten Russians is to wait until the threat becomes a reality, meaning I have not seen."

In the Ukrainian media published the materials about the participation of Motorola in the "Russian spring", in particular — about his presence at a Pro-Russian rally in Kharkiv March 16, 2014 [6] .

16 Jan, 2015 included in the sanctions list of the European Union (No. 135). He is banned entry to the EU countries [7] .

Record the commander of the militia DND Motorola killed! Chronology. Video. first appeared a world on the brink.