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Magical and schizophrenic Ukrainian "flip"

Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 19.10.2016 at 05:27

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It is well Known that last night booster Antares with private cargo spacecraft Cygnus was successfully launched from the us wallops flight facility.

it is well Known that the successful and trouble-free rocket launch provided the engines of the Russian production of RD-181, the development and delivery of Russian NPO "Energomash" in the framework of the contract concluded for the period from 2017 to 2018.

it is well Known, including the international media that in 2014 the technical side of the launches of American rockets to the International Space Station is part of a program with two direct participants - the US and Russia.

It is known to all. Now, note - the launch Antares of the American rocket with a Russian engine in a version of the first persons of "independent" Ukraine.

the Secretary of national security and defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov. The press service of the Ministry reported:


"Turchynov has called the launch of the Antares rocket the iconic success of Ukraine and evidence of further victories in the peaceful development of space"


"Ukraine continues successfully to create a modern rocket for space exploration, and missile systems. Last year and a half Ukrainian experts worked on the modernization of the first degree (given verbatim, preserving the spelling) of the launch vehicle Antares, adapting it to the new engine. The decision to replace the Russian engine that was previously used in the rocket was made in 2014, after a carrier rocket due to problems with the Russian engine exploded seconds after launch. Before the Ukrainian specialists-tank hunters stood a unique problem: as soon as possible to adapt the new engine to the rocket, designed under a completely different engine. And they succeeded," the head of the national security Council.


Frankly, I just now realized the full implication of the words bloody Goebbels that "the unscrupulous and bolder the lie, the faster it will be adopted for the truth." And the point here is that to deny the above is written on the move, very difficult, for the simple reason that at the beginning of lost in what to refute, because EVERYTHING here is absolutely diametrically the truth, and completely flipped upside down on its head. And this, by its striking depth of his insanity. How likely would strike and utter contrived nonsense, a schizophrenic person.


first, Ukraine has never supplied for missiles of this class, ready-made engines of its own production, due to the simple technical failure of their creation.

second, until 2014, depending on the purpose of public relations and maintaining the image of Ukraine, the us side insisted on the installation of Russian engines NK-33 (AJ-26 in the American form) Samara, Ukrainian fuel systems and related equipment manufacturing enterprise "Yuzhmash" in Dnepropetrovsk.

the Russian side agreed, but on condition that assumes no legal responsibility for these components and assemblies. In the end, quite naturally, in 2014, there was a catastrophic crash in the first seconds of the launch of American rocket with a Russian engine and Ukrainian fuel supply system, the results of which were blown up not only the missile itself, but half of the spaceport along with the launcher.

the American special Commission determined that the cause of the accident was equipment system of the fuel mixture, that is, the items delivered, the Ukrainian KB "Pivdenmash." The scandal was quickly hushed up, but just a few days, the U.S. entered into a formal agreement with the Russian Federation for the total replacement of the previous engines of joint production, only the Russian RD-181. In all these years, including in yesterday's start, he successfully bring the American rockets into space, virtually trouble-free statistics.

All these years, the launches of the Antares rocket, is the fruit of the work of the two Great powers. Ukraine for several years, not just there in the list of nominal members of the project, it is not even in the form of old plates in any of doors of numerous areas of these two countries.

And finally thirdly, I personally, would love to see patronizing a person sitting at a Desk designers CB "Yuzhmash", at a time when they are with the TV screen, Secretary of the national security of the country, says that it is a year and a half has developed a unique rocket engine, which never managed to create even in the US, successfully tested it, and recently completely installed on an American rocket, and then last night made a successful and trouble-free start, and today we are enjoying a well-deserved rest...