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The continuation of the opening words of Nicolay Viktorovich Levashov (2011.06.25)

Video Nicolai 21.10.2016 at 13:18

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the Continuation of the opening words of Nicolay Viktorovich Levashov (the next question I wanted to raise, it's not a question, but a pretty funny letter, that's when people really start thinking and that's nice that people are starting to think "interesting comparison came to mind from reading Buddhist translations from Sanskrit "Buddha" — the awakened, but in Russian language there is a distinct word "to Wake"" to rouse and Buddha, awakening right? a funny coincidence? further, "the Buddha is also called tat, Hakata, Sanskrit thus coming, in Russian suggests the word "to walk"" really if you say so to walk, especially if the person speaks Russian he do not receive the word because, ask any foreigner to pronounce Russian words, with good intentions, will try to three hundred per cent they get very funny, as well as turned out as stated when I first thought of when I heard the English word "Palestine", Palestine — burning mill, well, ask any native English speaker say the word "burning the camp" he says, Palestin, he can't, S they will not be able to pronounce singed, IY YY, he will not say, and will, Palestin is a garbled Russian, and here, well done man, that's nice when one starts to think on "Lumbini is the Sanskrit for "beloved", a settlement in Nepal in the district of Orlanda, Dahi on the border with India known as the birthplace of the Buddha, and begs that the word "Lumbini" distorted the word "favorite"" really funny, Yes, and he says, "and let occupatio, Sanskrit — he is hidden", well, some questions are of course controversial, but very interesting, that's when you really start thinking and pondering over the words which here the last time I talked about the word spiritual, right? to which we are accustomed, is the spirit of Aries, that is the spirit of sheep that correctly corresponds to the notion which says, so we even now remember the concept of Genghis Khan? everyone called the Genghis Khan, but it's not a name, his name is Timur and Genghis Khan is a title that is a military rank, the word MAN is in principle distorted the word of the Husband's Rank, you know? The husband's Rank is His man, the chin, that is the situation, the husband's rank it connect, that is, a married man, that is, in the Russian language had previously existed for different age States different words for the people to know who is in front of him, not even seeing the person and many other words, just to begin to think and to share, because it perverted the Russian language when well, let's say the same word RAINBOW as they say what is entered there is the root, the prefix, the suffix, the ending for all words remember right? and there's nothing here, there's two words RA — ARC, Arc is clear, RA — light "light arc" that is just we have forgotten that RA is early meant light, it is one word in our language thousands of words containing the root a thousand words, not Egyptian and it is in Russian language, and so on and so on, and on, I just think these things are interesting indeed, well here is a simple guy a student just want to say he really believed in it and govoryt that trying others .. but if the person doesn't want, doesn't want to listen then it is natural to prove to him nothing is possible, but not necessary to prove in such situations, because the person needs to be prepared for the fact that well, it means the person is still not Mature and this is the first and the second should always look for the option when finding a place, so to say the place where to catch the man for a living, just not easy to begin with, what do you think is the most important, and should always have a man to find what his chord living souls gears and that through this it is possible to hook to open and started to listen, and not just as States acting on the principle as in the joke "should a gentleman insisting that the lady came to the stop, if it is to go to the next" thing right? and before moving on to another part I a curious letter was "look at your performance with the seminar video, the first time the hands were stuck together, but I separate them, I watched the second time, nothing happened, and now after watching again I felt hands merge into one, I have a question if I a bit longer than the first time I hold hands as if they forgot about the templates I'll be able to disconnect without your help?" who, thus warned, well, don't do it because really, even to write a letter the person will not work if you want, to me it to disconnect .. and you know I have not tried, you should try, but when I made the statement there was a funny incident, a woman seems, well, people pressed her hands together like this (in the castle) or so the palm of your hand (cupped) she decided, and I will hold to do not got, as she came came on the scene back woven, I thought that the front engages the rear will not lock so if someone is looking at as they say the speech when here was in March (March 2010) I do not recommend as they say szepligeti hands, because really if a person will be sensitive enough that if you really sensitive, have you seen when people are well sensitive, because it was given power greater then it was too heavy muscle was so linked that they became stone, took time to relax, so if it double up, then have the surgeon will not help, it is really because it will cut the hands of each other, and this is not desirable, you can take of course only my way, but if it's people in Kamchatka or in America or Europe, then to me it will be quite difficult to do, because to go there, and you can contact someone you can ask relatives, at least one person to sit down can't look in any case, have someone in another room to another to see how you're still here? not grappled? now, the next question is again a little bit about the attacks, because today, though still quite a lot to say, but I think that vsetki it is important not only for understanding those who sit and those who will then look, at one meeting I showed the photo which was in a scientific article that Japanese scientists took a picture of the hydrogen atom, remember? then there were the articles that he showed the photo, the photo .. that'll show the photos to you again saw here, this picture which was in the article that this photo was taken by scientists of the Japanese opening and so on, first let's start with the picture is not mine, not I did it is first, and Japanese scientists who took the photo placed in your article or magazine article, scientific article, on this and claims to me are, make a complaint to those who but he showed and why do they think that even if it is a photograph of a galaxy that there is indeed a galaxy of pictures is quite possible that this is a photograph of a galaxy, it's very similar, although not 100%, so maybe just different density photographed and printed so .. maybe it's the same thing, but why do you think that the hydrogen atom cannot, even if it's not a photograph of the hydrogen may not look exactly the same, I just took some photos of drawings that I've already put in my book many books including "the Inhomogeneous universe" and "Last call to humanity", remember that such illustrations? this probably remember right? now compare that picture is illustration, the three arms I have unfortunately not grown, it is very funny all shown here, very similar right? so these illustrations were done at least in 1992 and 1991, that is long before when these photos appeared, and so here in this photo if photos galaxy the birth of the galaxy, and that's what I'm here that's the birth of a planetary system, but the principle is the same, nothing else, in principle, no, because here I took a picture of this one, it's how they say superpotent the first order born the same, very similar isn't it? here so the question is this photo of the galaxy fully confirms the illustration of others, even if this is not the picture of the hydrogen atom, and here's a picture of an atom, not a photograph, a hydrogen atom an illustration, if you look closely, but then of course the cloud e not painted, I understand why, but, nevertheless, also if you look at the photo and it is very common for image deformation here we see the deformation, the inside is - very ..

the only electron cloud around is not drawn, the fact that the laws of macro and microcosm are identical, they just appear a little bit differently and for example the phenomenon that the concept of blue stars giants heard? well, the older generation taught in schools right? and the youth even used astronomy taught when? self-only? here it is sorry so blue giants stars their diameter is larger than the diameter of the entire solar system, at small density, what they consist of hydrogen atoms, here I am in your book again conditionally showed what is a blue star, but of course not on the scale, right? and why nobody could explain why the cloud is a giant cloud of hydrogen, in principle, is called a star and why she radiation gives and why it glows — radiation occurs during the synthesis, why is it naturally arises why it is compressed gradually decreasing turning into other types of stars as their evolution? here even illustrate it perfectly clear why changes in the dimensions of the deformation, in any case, coming here as shown here, it's obvious you don't even need to explain, and who do not really understand or read the book "Last call to humanity" or "Inhomogeneous universe" where all this is described in detail, so that in any case the picture in the article which was printed that this is a scientific article that they took a photograph of a galaxy, then that's even better they just confirmed the fact that photos of my illustrations was done for decades before, but the hydrogen atom has approximately the same structure and the same looks as the nascent galaxy, that photo I showed, again, that's about looks too, it just shows the time of the explosion the core of the galaxy and that the emission around it, the hydrogen atom is about the same and looks, because it is not round, because I can't .. naturally tidy and nice and easy and so on, good for illustrations and the like, and then have to end these attacks talking about what to say conman rogue, and so on, but also a positive information to convey, at one meeting I was talking about Titan, a moon, one of the moons of the solar system, and when I spoke I spoke in a very interesting and important information, but for some reason about this information nobody and not say a word, but immediately rushed to attack, OOO he said that Titan is a moon of Jupiter, and that Saturn, well, excuse me, even if he misspoke and called, because my name is always in my head can't keep up good names names, I can remember the voice of the man once I heard on the phone even, to remember his appearance and name I have always been very difficult to remember because my brain is selective, it remembers the important information, because the person can give a fake name, right? but the fake voice, he can not give or appearance, except for surgical operations, but interestingly what I'm talking about, I gave the Titan as that's when I said that lately found within 100 light years of our 50 planets twins of the Earth, i.e. atmosphere, water and so on and so forth, and I then said that in the Solar system there are planets in this case, the satellites, which are very similar identical to Earth, in particular I said Titan, that's how the Titan looks, it's a planet the satellite Titan, it was a planet because it is larger the same as mercury, per 100 kilometers smaller in diameter, but the atmosphere of this planet satellite and a half times denser than earth, this planet has water, rivers, lakes of water, the atmosphere consists of 98% of nitrogen, it discovered complex organic compounds, and scientists believe that this companion is a planet is a twin of the Earth and that this Earth was a few billion years, when she began to develop here, so to say this information was told, but the information did not say a single word, and given that the questions were answered hall, that is astronomy, and what satellite, what planet rotates I studied now say in the year 1977-1978, astronomy was in high school when I was in school, then in astronomy I especially did not look, and of course memory as the saying said, but most importantly, I said what is important, and nobody noticed, but that's the way Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter, also even a little more than the planet, too the atmosphere is dense, and so on and even the oceans are there, just not quite out of the water, but also very much curious wonder that scientists are also very interested in this planet so that the planet also have the same interesting companion, and so forth, but again that just anyone can really go to look at the background details and verify what I said is another one of my duck, to deceive the ignorant people who sit in a room and write and so on, here is a little bit of the answers I gave today and curiously what is really on those issues that really and that's what I said about Titan for some reason no one noticed at all, that is because there is nothing to say because important information that was given, it is valid I was given and it was exactly, but the fact that I said it's not the planet that's a disaster, well, there is no disaster it is up to you, I explained to said what is what, here and now well, probably you think why I brought that in? Yes? so dragged is not the answer to provocations, and further to explain, because many things I have already mentioned a few times about it in this creation so to speak, it Remizov chronicle, photocopy Remizov chronicle, here it is .. it's not original and photocopy, photocopy here please can you make sure that is totally 100% copy, that is printed with the original there are only a few exist in the country and in the world of course, this is one of those books I have gave me her I am very grateful to those who gave, here, here I put bookmarks some bookmarks here for example is a very good map made that will show it first, seen here, of course you just have to consider that this card was not written as is now customary, here is the South (above) the North is here (at the bottom) and for me, at first it wasn't clear already I used, well, as we used to now I can understand where someone, then realized that the cards depict not as much as we used to now, and on the other, so here is just South (above) and see the Chinese wall, and it just lies North (bottom) and here all the names are Russian, one and all, but here's why (above) Chinese name, you know why-I wonder why the names of the Chinese, and here Russian? don't know? and here is where the Chinese say Tunisian the name of the river and Russian translation of the Quiet water, and there is no translation in Chinese, below and where Mongolia Mongolia is not written, as now written, and the old Kalmyk Steppe, steppe stone if Kalmyk origin of the word Kalmuck steppe stone, the old Russian word funny? it's funny, here if we can quickly find that at the time this book began to be written when describing the events of the XVI (16th) centuries since, and what buildings were built in Siberia at the time, right? good? stone, here for example on, other buildings house, it Remizov chronicle spanning from the 16th to the 18th century (XVI — XVIII) yet now I find, not in a row ... go, guns are drawn and here you can see the forge working, metallurgy is known in Siberia in the 16th century (XVI) is only Peter only brought when was that? now I find more interesting pictures, Nadym, Urengoy, Tyumen was already in those days, not bad? and were large cities by the way, will show somewhere here is one of the city maps, .... in Russia, many European cities have such? tell me (voice from the audience: photocopies of your website will not be?) well, over time, can and will, (a voice from the audience: in the Russian language?) of course in the Russian language, and on what else? naturally in Russian, something else interesting there, now ... people are presented with the familiar, and rivers-drawn ... it's a photocopy, not the edition of the book, see how the river was drawn at the time, all streams and so on, and cities which are here (a voice from the audience: the original what year?) well written within 200 years, from the 16th century through the 18th, .. the same people Remizov, boyar Remizov started and then his descendants continued here for example is also a city (voice from the audience: and the original still exists?) don't know, it can't say, I hope so, that even I see Tyumen is shown, Tyumen here it is a small, not built up the great city of Tyumen, that the city of Spasskaya for example, among the woods, well, after all won't show but it is clear that what is most interesting is not going to look ..

in the future I will use the materials, Tobolsk, heard a city right? this book is his district map and the territory around it, only one city of Tobolsk drawn five rings are not just ring the lines are in a circle — it was allocated a capital good? and now another point, I made a bookmark now view in a book laying there, firstly Remizov himself was a Christian, that's one of the mistakes which now that just takes text and a translation into modern Russian language because there are some concepts were different, you see, and so I read "in the summer of 7158 come to Tobolsk ambassadors" and there translated "in 1658, came to Tobolsk ambassadors from the Kalmyk Taishi Albay and asked clear above .. so dalee so on," ambassadors came to the right place? in the capital, and you tell me where the Red gate from Moscow look? to the East, and tell me any other city in Russia, the red gate always show in the direction of the capital, and why Moscow has red gate? wonder? think of it now, but the most interesting thing in the original, says, "in the summer of 7158 year" and here, too, this before they have the interpretation of ignore, moreover, that ambassadors came to Tobolsk somehow silenced who would have thought, why in Tobolsk, because the capital needs ambassadors to come, and here also show that if we start to read again read "in the summer from the creation 7089 year on October 26 th day of Christmas in the flesh of the incarnation of our Lord and Savior 1589", then he was a Christian right? but the Christian calendar was written then, mind you, and so on the entire record, seven thousand such-and-such and so on and so forth, because Peter the great which the pseudo-Peter did? only in 1700 or summer 7208-th from the creation in the star temple introduced the Julian calendar in the Moscow Tartary, and Russian Empire, because I didn't bring to prolong the pleasure, joy, or rather, not only you today to others but next time I'll show you first the encyclopedia Britannica, the original, I have, 1772 edition, where the Russian Empire was called the Great Tartary, and Moscow Principality or Duchy of Moscow or Moscow Tartary was not a Russian Empire, and was called the Moscow Tartary, again TAR — TARIA so you see in this book the authors which comments they ignore, well, obviously the scientists they could to keep their seats, they wrote and what beneficial to those who benefit right? but the fact that it says that the ambassadors came from Tobolsk, for me personally, means a lot, but when you consider that so to speak British encyclopedia of 1772, which the UK has never been our ally and still are enemies, in principle, in fact, lying to them about the fact that the Russian Empire was behind the Ural mountains and including most of North America had no sense, then the reason is not that they lied, but the fact that it was, but in the second edition of the British encyclopedia after 1775 is no mention of the great Tartary do not exist, as if it never happened, and why? and because the whole Western world is built on pseudo-history is not very profitable eyesore — Great Tartaria or Tartary, the Great Russenia or Assiya, and so on, names were a lot different, is not profitable because this polnostu destroyed their pseudo quest, that's what I was talking about Fomenko-Nosovsky, because there for the first time cited the original papers, here I cite the original documents, and rejoiced that he cites first the original documents, but when I began to read the interpretation which he gives to these documents, I realized that my joy was premature nevertheless does not mean that all is bad there, so that's what he found and proved I heard the concept radziminski Chronicles right? allegedly Peter found in one Swedish city was excavated, is a forgery of the 18th century (the eighteenth), and I know how it is determined? at the watermark, because those idiots on another call who did the forgery, were such idiots that did not think, took the paper which was fabricated by the pseudo-chronicle of the alleged Rurik, a Swedish Prince, remember, Yes, the Vikings although the Vikings were not Swedes, even though Sweden then spoke in Russian in particular, have come and things like that because the watermark was of the company of the XVIII century, the question of how the chronicle was written in the eleventh century, watermarks on paper, which is written in the XVIII century? and here's a noodles still hanging in schools, the school, now tell me you see the Remizov chronicle here, I've shown, there is always even begins he is a Christian writes in the summer is seven thousand from the creation in the star and then continues ... now tell me when he said that, even when Christianity was not? there IX century, tenth century, whence this? in the IX and X century on the territory of the Russian lands was not of the Julian or the Gregorian calendar at all close, there was only one main calendar was used from the creation in the star temple, all of us, so when the show Chronicles written in the summer of IX X century XI century, it was complete nonsense, the same as Radzyminska record, by the way, the official historians historians recognize that let Mamay is a fabrication, because there are 200 copies which differ from each other, called the book "Mamay" have you heard? but no original no original no, only copies which differ from each other, and that the Golden Horde is a fiction that never existed, of course not, because he was a Great Tartary or the Russian Empire, from the Urals is the border at the time of her defeat to as they say in North America, much of North America was part of the territory of great Tartary or the Russian Empire, well, it will continue to investigate well, everything, and although now pretty much taken I hope you're not disappointed that I have raised this issue let us turn to the questions which were received here).


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